Child Labour Law Towards Terrorism? (From Pravesh K. YADAV)
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Child Labour Law towards Terrorism? (From Pravesh K. YADAV)

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September 01, 2005

Child Labour Law towards Terrorism? (From Pravesh K. YADAV)

Hi I'm Pravesh Yadav here again....

At first I would like give some lights why I written this Article, as the terrorism is spreading rapidly in the world and it's urgently need of hours to go to the roots of Terrorism. The World still in shocked to hear the string of Explosion that took lots of lives at 7/7 London followed by another attack in Egypt & now 400 bomb blast series in Bangladesh as well as continuance terrorist attacks in Jammu & Kashmir (India), all these recent attacks has refreshed the memory of 9/11 collapsed World Tower Building in USA. We pray for the peace of Souls who lost their lives & we condemn utterly such Barbaric attack by Terrorist. In this hour of Grief & sorrow we all stand with you to confront & defeat such actions. In today's scenario nature's going so crazy that no one can definite prediction about it's next move. Tokyo (Japan) Earthquake, Flood in Gujarat, Mumbai (India), Tsunami (India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.) are the example of a series of disaster by nature. We are also facing a series of accidents like Venezuela Plane Crash in which 160 Killed, when nobody sure about tomorrow, so why should we indulge in War like activities? Let's make this world truly peaceful.

Prohibited Child Labour (Difference between Developing & Developed Countries)

To find a job in any industry here in India totally impossible at the age of 13, I'd wondered around the firms to get entry in field of Handicrafts, due to compulsion of Govt.'s Labour Law (which strictly prohibited child labour below 18). We are following too much westernization, but we have to see their prosperity too. There is no unemployment, every child has constitutional rights of proper Education, Insurance, Medical allowance and numerous adequate facilities provided by their Respected Governments. Their Govt. take care every citizen of the country, Senior Citizen get pensions there and have number of orphans to take care them. If anyone unemployed there, he/she gets the allowance of unemployment. Overall if Developed Countries has a law to prohibit the child labour, we have enough reasons to understand them.

What should a child do ?

But there are no such previledge facilities in developing or poor countries. What should a child do when his/her father no more? What should a child do if his father handicapped and unable to earn money for live hood of his family? What should a child do if his/her father a Drinker / Gambler and spend all his earning on these bad habits? if Govt.'s law prohibited to Child Labour, Can anyone tell me who will provide money for his/her family & necessary facilities for live hood ?

Officials have no problem to see them engaged in Domestic Slavery & Other Humiliated Works

There is no scope in the Industry for children, Officers have no problem to see them engaged in Restaurant, Tea Stall, newspaper-delivery, shoe-shine boys, rag-pickers, beggars etc., however they also have no problem to allow children to work at their home as 24 x 7 Home Servant where they humiliated them engaged in domestic work and children's working efficiency is more and more better then their elder counterpart on account of youthness & energetic as well as they are fast learners and fast workers. But they have problem to see them engaged in industry at Handsome Salary (Work Hours only 8). They also have no problem when a Boy serve them a cup of tea with some refreshment at their own office.

To add fuel into the fire (World fame Departmental Stores imposed their Social Compliance):

World fame Departmental Stores Like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, J. C. Penny, Tuesday Morning, Two's Company, Mark & Spencer, etc. imposed their Social Compliance in these developing countries. They don't aware about the facts here & they Import only with such Vendors who is fit in their Social Compliance, which also prohibit to Child Labour. What's the benefit to prevent child in such conditions? They purchased with such vendors who have big setup & facility then what about small & mid sized exporters or Manufacturer. What's the harm if they could give some business to small exporters according to their strength?

Are they going to be a part of Criminalism & Terrorism?

Yeh of course, they are soft target of Terrorist & Criminals. As they wondering for the suitable job or work in humiliated condition as Domestic Servant, Tea Serve Boy, Waiter etc. etc., they are easily approached by wrong doer lured by money as they required badly for their family. They see bright future in such activities & shortcut way to earn money.

Are we promoting terrorism by giving Aid to Countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh?

Yeh Of course, They got grants on the name of Education, Poverty, Rehabilitations etc. etc. but there is numerous example of misutilization of Grants. For example on the name of Education they teach Children in Madarsas (Religious Schools) where they become Jehadis (Who can sacrifice his/her life in the name of Islam) & become more fanatic. I can bet if you spend just one year with them, you can't escape yourself to be a fanatic & your mind totally vanished. Now it's not a secret what's happens when soft minded children came in contact with them. (Also see an attachment of News Paper Cutting as the name jehadi_factory.jpg in which shown 55 Terrorist Training Camps still running in Pakistan & Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).

Is there any doubt on the credibility of Muslim Community?

Of course no, according to my point of views, Today's Muslim Community is much liberal ever than before and we can't suspect every Muslim as Terrorist. In initial days of my career I'd lot of work with them, when there was no time bounded ness I work with them at wee hours, even that full night. The working area was surrounded by Muslim Community. I remember one incidence occurred on infamous Mumbai Blast (In which main accused was Dawood Ibrahim), I haven't got any kind of fear then, they escaped me and left at secured place from where I could reach towards my home. In fact a true Muslim can't betray to his country.

Much ado about nothing (NGO's Working Functionalities)

Are NGO's are doing good work here in India? No, they are not sincere to demolish poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc from the roots, because if all things would be removed from where they will get fund? They are getting more & more funds from Govt. as well as Foreign Aid. NGO's are more professional ever than before, if they do anything they organize Press Conference & Invite Media, Channel Reporters of National and if possible International too. Instead of removing poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc. they spend their energy to lobbying to get National & International Awards and wants to be Daily's Headline in Newspaper. Exceptions are also here, because all fingers are not equal. (Also see an attachment of News Paper Cutting as the name children_ill_treated.jpg in which Children has been ill treated in orphan by Sisters of World fame Mother Teresa).

What kind of harm if Corporatists adopt them as Promoting Skilled Artisans ?

It would be better choice that such children adopted by Industrialists (First Earn & Then Learn System) where they could learn some skill Artisanship. There is no problem to engage them in soft work like Packaging & Handiwork as well as other numerous harmless work in Good Cultural Environment. They can provide them 2 hours daily Coaching Classes by professional faculty, I think it's enough to get adequate education. If we want to demolish the child labour then at first we required to remove it from the Root.

Better Choice (Give more business to such Industrialists who is engaged in Welfare of Poor)

It's a better choice to Purchase & Import from such Industrialists who is doing good work for poor from their own money. Instead of Imposed Social Compliance on them, we have to see how much their industries involved in Social Activities. Just promote them by giving more & more business to them, after seeing their functionalities of social working.

Are children exploited by their owner on Account of Child Labour Law?

Yeh of course, they are exploited by low profile owner, because a genuine Industrialist don't want to give job to Child Labour on account of Child Labour Law, even though there is no allowance to below 18 Person in the Factory Premises. However Manufacturer, Supplier, Shopkeepers, take this one as advantage with both Hands. They welcome child labour because even fully trained children receive half the salary that is paid to adults. Besides, children are so soft & gentle and do not make too many demands, which suit the employers, where children receive a rude and unpleasant introduction to life. Not only do they lack the basic necessities of life, they are also forced to spend a major part of the day working in inhuman and unhealthy conditions for a miserable pittance. as they do not have a powerful lobby backing them and there is no one to demand justice for them. Children are not paid while they are on training or just get hardly 200 to 300. Bucks.

What do, after completion of Studies?

When youth complete their Education (Graduate, Post Graduate or Intermediate) they feel that they are cheated by Educational Institutes because afterwards there is no way for them. There is so much unemployment here that you give an ad in newspaper for one vacancy then you find more than one hundred person in the queue for the respective job. Govt. Jobs required money & source and MNC or Private Company required highly professional & experienced candidates. Can anyone tell me, Where would be (an average or below average or the person which has no source or money) go. They can't back to their roots work, after accomplishment of such higher education which they got family's hard earned money, thereafter families expects from them to earn quick money and they become victim of depression, demoralization, psychological illness, disturbance etc. etc. and become soft target of Criminals & Terrorists.

I always promote to youngsters (near about 1000)

As I learned true realities of life so early and make my way towards in this Handicraft Industry. I always feel the necessities of youths, and encourage them by providing a job in the meanwhile of their studying with skilled workers so that they could get some experience and couldn't find difficulties of Real life when they enter in their respective professional life. I have seen very good results the youngsters promoting by me could cope up with the life and today they are earning atleast to meet out their Bread & Butter, some of them have outstanding performance among others and got high profile job.

Am I supporter/promoter for Child Labour?

No Way, I'm not supporter or promoter of Child Labour, but I want to fight for those children who badly required a respectable Job, until we can't provide them & their family proper food, education & other necessities things for live hood. I'm written all these things for the Rights of children of developing countries. I also have firm determination that I'll never receive any kind of Awards on National or International Stage. I did everything not lured by money or to be famous, I just wanna be as I am. Because we are first a Human and afterwards Businessmen, Employers, Journalists, Employees etc. etc.

True Contribution towards the development of your Nation & Society

I would like to request you, do your excel in your respective fields with true heart (No matter you are employee or owner) & of course you are worshiping your respective God (Work is Worship). If you do the same by true heart, you haven't need to go your Church/Mosque/Temple/Other Worship Place. You like to go there to find a God, but God is already in your heart / your workplace if you see with your inner eyes, you'll find a way which goes towards spiritualism. If you are a businessman then do your best encourage your employees, introduce them to a Corporate Culture and treat them like family members (As they are also human, no matter they are your employees & you pay them for their respective Job). You'll get extra ordinary results in Production/Marketing/Profit etc., when they realize that they are working for their own Organization, which is like a second home for them. Media is a fourth Pillar in any Democratic Country, so if you belong to media (Newspaper/Broadcast/Radio etc.) provide true content to your Reader/Viewer/Audience, so they could know what's exactly happening in their surrounding & the World? If you want entertain to them provide such contents that could give some relief & joy in so much stressful environment. If you are politician, just lead from the front. It's really very easy to be a leader but true leadership is to bring leadership in others & you see how your work simplizer ever than before. If you are a member of Parliament then put the issue in the interest of your Nation/Constituency/World, prepare your speech or related documents in organize manner because all Nations eyes towards you. Give your heart towards your constituency/Area in social activities because the time you'll spend with your people, you'll get much more from them. If you are owner of Departmental Store, give first priority to you consumer satisfaction with Quality Products/Better Pricing/Timely Delivery etc. It's a fantastic and superhit formula for the Director to Cast world known Super Stars, Best Musician, Best Singer and give probable hit, but the real Director is who could choose new face from the crowd & extract best performance from newcomers. If you are a chief of social organization, try your best to provide employment who need jobs rather than provide them Bread/Cloth etc. You can contact with your local SME (Small Medium Enterprises), Big Industrialists, also can setup Small Scale Industries to make ensured the job for needy people. Poor required jobs not your sympathy or grant or aid. Now I would like to turn towards the employees, so let's do your best for your company/organization etc. Don't think that you are working for someone else because somewhere you are contributing towards the productivity & development of your own country. If we all put our hearts towards our respective field with dedication & passion, we will make ensure to give our contribution in the development of our respective countries. My personal feeling is true patriot towards his/her country, also respect to other country's patriotism. The same thinking will made this world a True Global Village & bring closer to each other.

Circulation of this Article

I want a world-wide & healthy debate on this issue that's why I'm circulating this one to International Community, Media (Printing & Broadcasting), Parliament of different countries & their respective media, Big Social Societies like UNESCO, UNICEF, Megsaysay, Big Departmental Stores etc. etc. I would like a kind request that please forward this message to many recipients as much as you can, don't forget to include your comments (Negative or Positive) in the interest of Humanity.


It's upon you, how you analyze these facts given by me and of course don't forget to reply me about your conclusion. Next time may be you are going to get another shocking or interesting or spiritual article from my side, if I could be remain alive by then. Because nobody knows he/she will see tomorrow that's why I believe in the strong ness of moment.

My Conclusion

Let's allow to children to work to protect their self respect rather than to leave them on the mercy of Social Societies or their respective Govt. If work in their destiny then nobody can turn down the table because these social agencies can help them only in limited way or just for short of period. As I mentioned in my introductory mail, in my perspective view there is no harm to allow them to work 8 Hours a day & 2 hours for their education may be okay for them. I'm just 8th passed but I can compete with anyone, like a MBA Professional I consult to organizations for their working efficiency & functionality. I'm not behind in IT like any IT Professional I developed several commercial websites by myself without anyone's help. I can debate with any politician on National or International issues. I can argument with Socialist on the front of reform for workers/children or society. So if I can do the same without any guidance, why can't others. So just make better planning in organized way, so that they could come forward in mainstream.

It's very possible that I made several mistakes to written this Article, because it's my first attempt to write this kind of article. I'm humbly sorry for the same. I'm also sorry if someone is hurt by this Article as I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feeling particularly to religion.

Your earliest comments would be highly appreciated.

With Best Wishes & Love as always
Pravesh K. Yadav ; &
Mobile: +91-98713-65949 & 98370-87250


"Yesterday was a history; tomorrow will be mystery, so live up with moments because these moments will decide our way towards the destination of Success or Failure" Pravesh K. Yadav

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