I Like Your Shoes!!
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I like your shoes!!

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I like your shoes!

Well, that's what the old lady told the slim girl standing in the path train running fast on the tracks from Jersey City to New York. The girl gave a mere smile to the old lady and say nothing... she expressed to be a little shy and after a while she turned her face on the other side.

I was comfortably sitting on the hardwood seat which was paining as much as I am sitting on a stone but I was still comfortable as compare to the crowd squeezed in the train cabin, I was bound to think of what this girl must be thinking now, she was happy for the appreciation she has gotten for her shoes; they looked well polished and were shining like new. They were new without any wrinkles, scratches or bad marks. She was pounded, smiling within and thinking standing in the train holding the pillar tightly. The train stopped screeching on the 9th Street and she looked outside with the smile on her face, No that's not my stop. she was probably thinking that she is going to share this incidence with her close friend today in the office which in-turn make her feel much better as she will get another stroke from her friend "oh yes your shoes are looking very good"

Isn't this natural? This may not be intentional but it's the way our heart works like. We feel energetic when we are recognized and tend to share our happiness with others which gives ourselves more stability; it strengthens our mind and helps us feel better, stronger and happier!! This is what happens to any one of us when we receive any appreciation formal or informal. It pounds our feelings, makes us happy, helps us think good about ourselves and we feel better.

An honest appreciation can really make somebody's day as it pumps energy in a human being and the power to turn things upside down.

The lesson is simple, appreciate people honestly

Enjoy reading!!