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The arbitrariness in decision making process, discretionary powers vested with political leaders abet unethical elements in industry and in government to connive and rob the exchequer. We saw even a man of such a stature as Tata could stoop down to employing glamor girls as lobbyist to tamper with ministry making. In fact the entire 2G saga is due to the greed of the Telecom Industry. GSM players led by Mittals were not allowing alternate CDMA players like Tata, Ambanis to come up. Irony was Ratan Tata recommended for spectrum pricing while Mittals and Ambanis wanted them free. A corrupt DMK minister in the form of Dayanidhi Maran who had the guts to veto a PM decision to include in the terms of reference to EGoM the pricing issue, blocked Tata teleservices foray in the telecom. Dusgusted Tata wanted to use the fued in the family to deny Maran the portfoilo when UPA won a second term. The Radiaa tape expose showed how rotten the system was with media heavy weights , former Bureaucrats Industry leaders, trade body officials like Tarun Dass could flaunt their political connections and try fixing ministerial berths. Tata owes atleast an apology to the people of this country for having attempted brazenly to fix the system to favor his companies. That he failed in his attempt is another issue. But it robbed the Tatas of the moral sheen. 

One need not say much about Ambanis for whom such methods are not new. They have used them in the past, and will continue to use them in future as well. 

The moral debauchery that is prevalent every where is the root cause of corruption in high places. Any numberof Andolans may not resolve this issue. Lokpal probably could end up as another instrument without powers to check this menace unless we the people rise as one to challenge the inequities in the system. We lack an honest leadership. The routine expose of corruption by Arvind Kejriwal and his team offers no solution to fight this menace. 

We should elect only such leaders and candidates who have a clean personal record. How will it be ensured? The Election commision should take the lead. Mere filing of affidavits as to assets will not be sufficient. The affidavit should also include a solemn declaration that the candidate also has no criminal antecedents to his/her name and he/she should declare that he/she will face the legal consequences ifany declaration is found incorrect subsequently. The Commission should have a verifying mechanism on the truthfulness or otherwise of the declaration and the punitive measures should be stringent under electoral laws. There should be no legal recourse when commison decides a person guilty of wrong doing except an appeal to Supreme Court which should be decided immediately. 

Our religious congregations of all faiths should educate our people on the need to be alert of anti social elements from entering in to electoral arena.

Our people should also remain vigilant and somenly vow to uphold our long cherished moral values which have stood the test of times.

May be we will usher in a new india in future because people survive only on hopes.

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