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See interview of Venkateswaran  Chittoor Venkatsubramanian
suddenly Maratha Strongman Sharad Pawar gets annoyed over the way the UPA-II coaliation works. He decides to boycott the cabinet meeting together with Praful Patel. Media screams about the insult to Pawar by offering the No2 slot in the cabinet to Antony and a possible shuffling of his one time protege Sushil Kumar Shinde to the Ministry of Home Affairs. PM and Sonia send feelers to Pawar calling him a senior member of the team and PM claims that he needs his sane advice in these difficult times. Maratha strong man would not have anything of this and is bent upon quitting the cabinet and offer outside support. He has said he would like to build his party because since they are small they are slighted by the Congress Party.  there is much more to this posturing than what acutally meets the eye.

Maharashtra CM, Prithiviraj Chavan has sniffed wrong doings of his NCP colleagues and is within striking distance of ripping the mask of Pawar. It is alleged that Chugan Bhujpal a prize catch from Shivsena and a Pawar confidant has minted money in the construction of Maharashtra sadan in the national capital and the President, a maratha refused to preside over the inauguration.Ajit Pawar his nephew is the king pin of a 27000 crore irrigation scam which will come to light once Prithiviraj Chavan brings out the white paper on his ministry for the past 10 years. Having spent 70000 crores of public money on irrigation hardly 0.1 % land has been added to the cultivable area. Lavasa is where Sharad Pawar has minted money together with the builders Hiranandani. Pawar is alleged to have taken kickbacks in the 2G scam also but escaped notice as he has friends in the media and in the opposition as well. It is also alleged and confirmed during the narco analysis test of Abdul Karim Telgi that he was part of the loot of Telgi. It was widely speculated that the tax evader Hassan Ali holds his money as a proxy. It was also alleged that he flew with Dawood Ibrahim in IAF plane when he was Defence Minister. It was also widely speculated that it was he who was instrumental in the Mumbai serial blasts to dethrone his sworn enemy from the CM's chair. On all occasions, Pawar got the benefit of doubt but this time, the feet under him has started crumbling.

Pawar back stabbed his mentor Vasanthdada Patil to become CM with the help of PWP and like minded smaller parties. He made friends across political spectrum and was always viewed with suspicion by the Gandhi family especially Rajiv. He wore the mantle of Maratha- the second grand maratha after Shivaji maharaj and even Shiv Sena is kind to him.

If the allegations of financial impropriety against NCP ministers is true and if Pawar is using this as a bargaining tool to stay within UPA-II Sonia could well do away with him. Already Pawar is set to call on Udhdha Thackery so that probably NCP and Sena could fight next assembly elections together. That could be the percusor for Pawar's greater ambitions to lead a non Congress non BJP coaliation should an opportunity present itself in 2014. It is better late than never to call the bluff of this man as they did in the case of Mamta who was atleast in corruptible. Pawar will be a huge liability hereafter.

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