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People are now enthused about the possibility of Narendra Modi being sworn in as India’s next Prime minister which his fanatical brigade believe  will  end all miseries that we as a nation face now.  While democracy provides the freedom to all to hold their opinion, the large scale media blow up and image building exercise on Modi the man with a magic wand is disgusting to say the least. Modi exposes himself when he said that he did not regret for 2002 and added a rider that he as a person would even grieve accidental death of a cat under the wheels of his car. His detractors pounced on him that he called minorities cats. This was ridiculous because it was only an analogy- may be a little crude.


Modi calls himself the modern Day Sardar Vallabhai Patel for whom he is building worlds tallest statue. Of all politicians, only Sashi Tharoor brought about the incongruity of comparisons. Patel following the assassination of Mahatma, ordered increased security for Muslims and also offered prayers in Masjid even if symbolically. Modi refused the Muslim cap even while on dias on Sadhbavana yatra.


Admitting for a while, that Modi is able to inspire his team and offers good administration at least on a relative scale, what is the trade off you have to make? A society polarized on communal lines with the minorities living in eternal fear of retribution at the slightest provocation. This fear has resulted in non happening of major riots in Gujarat after 2002 and not that all is well in Gujarat.


Whom does Modi represent? Modi and his followers claim he is a decisive and no nonsense leader, incorruptible and result oriented. A blend of Loh Purush and Vikas Purush. It is true that Modi still remains one of our few leaders not having any serious corruption charges but his ways are questionable in a plural democracy like ours. His role in fake encounters and the killing of Haren Pandya ( his widow believes that Modi has had a hand in it)  are matters of intense speculation with  BJP and RSS shouting from roof tops on alleged vendetta. Our bureaucracy has also been infested with right wing elements with the result that CBI and IB are fighting each other in public gaze. Col. Purohit was the beginning of infestation of right wing elements at corridors of power. Even a casual observation in the form of a reprimand by SC in Ayodhya dispute – that mentioning the demolition of mosque as tragic was dismissed by the Bench as a non event points out the polarization amongst our higher echelons of power.


Modi claims that he represents Atalji which is blatantly untrue. He in fact embodies the spirit of  Vinayak Damodar Savarkar who advocated Hindu Rashtra and who was responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. We had leaders of the stature of Nehru, Patel, Azad to counter Savarkars, Golwakars but today we have pygmies around us. The danger of the country passing in the hands of right wing elements is real. Congress party has its task  cut to out to prevent this from happening.