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See interview of Venkateswaran  Chittoor Venkatsubramanian
Palaniappan Chidambaram our Home Minister is arguably one of the most efficient Ministers in Independent India. A man known for his hardwork and sincerity he did every job allotted to him admirably. Long ago, before he became Finance Minister, indirect taxes constituted more than 60% of government tax revenue. To day thanks to his efforts, direct taxes are the major revenue earner with simplified tax regime improving tax compliance. He abolished meaningless export subsidies such as Cash compensatory support, International Price Reimbursement scheme, Duty free imports which people were enjoying even while exporting to Rupee Payment areas such as undivided USSR. PC was shunted out of Finance to lead Home following the mumbai siege by terrorists more out of hope that he will fail leading to his downfall. PC took up the task and today he has achieved which even his much celebrated predecessor, the Lok Purush of BJP Lal Krishan Advani could not achieve. Had been given an extended mandate he could have countered the naxal terror.

PC is a man who plans meticulously. He stumbled upon evidences in the Malegaon  blasts case following revelations by the ATS in Maharashtra who arrested Sadhvi Pragya and Col Purohit a serving Army officer. His NIA was able to link terror in Ajmer blast to Swami Assemanand. The confessions were later made public which blew the lid of saffron outfits. I said PC is sincere to his job which he proved when he said  that Batla House encounter was genunine and not fake. Since PC was exposing the hidden agenda of saffron outfits BJP was in a fit of rage to somehow fix him. They started his boycott in parliament following an earlier boycott of George Fernandez by Congress Party. The 2G case in trial court  and the rants of Dr.Swamy about PC's alleged complicity gave BJP a stick to beat him with. Unfortunately the trial court dismissed Dr.Swamy's petition- That he had declared to appeal in SC is different.- BJP is now being advised by their own men Jaswant Singh and Shourie to go for debates in Parliament rather than obstructing by boycotts etc.

In my opinion. Chidambaram is a man of integrity and intelligence- nevertheless at times arrogant as his colleague Digvijay called him.He has a vision for running his ministry which he does well. If fortune favors him he could as well be the first Prime Minister from Tamil Nadu.

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