Mr. Finance Minister
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editricon Mr. Finance Minister

Mr. Finance Minister,

I am frustrated Indian. You have no idea how the budget you tabled, hampered my family life style bringing nothing but anguish.

On one side increase of taxes by hiking transportation, medicines, food etc, has put a huge burden on the middle class. The consequence is that there is unnecessary taxed money being spent on buying war planes and weapons of destruction.

The budget shows no signs on the Indian Economy of ever recovering and night-nursing the country is becoming more and more exacting.  It would be wrong on my part, if I suppressed the fact that our politicians roam around the world in first class and treat them self with the best money can buy.

Just the other day there was an article on how much the Indian President spent on her world tour during her tenure. The news in the papers was   read out to me by my Mother. “she spent 205cr needlessly on transportation for her and her family members. Sometimes I fail to understand what her role in the Indian constituency is.” She said, shaking her head as she went back to the kitchen.

Mr. Finance Minister, You will never be affected by taxes, your children will never be affected by taxes, your brothers won’t be affected by taxes, and nor would their children because you and your political comrades have made million if not billions of dollars been politicians.

The majority of India’s population is  derived from their basic needs, which was promised by the constitution, development must not be just for making rich more richer but at same time uplifting the deprived classes.

I suffer from asthma and I need my inhaler to help me breath. I have been having restless night again now that I reduced my daily dosage after you increased it from Rs 90 to Rs 120. Why did you do this??

I  must  confess  that  I  do  not  understand  when people’s lives are hanging in the balance, you increased taxes on medicine, what kind of mindless person would do this ? After all, you must understand for a patient alleviation of pain is as important as the highest matters of State.

Mr. Mukherjee, Do you think people buy medicines because they enjoy having them or did you consider it a luxury and for that they must pay extra taxes?

I   don’t wish   to   enter   into   any   discussion with   you   regarding other subjects which I know the list is long and the path is dark.

I, therefore, ask for immediate relief. I would like, if I can, to avoid my last night’s experience.



Lisbon Ferrao