Is India Becoming Second Taliban?
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Is India becoming second Taliban?

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See interview of Abhimaan  Singh
India is on the way to become second Taliban and very soon we will be having orthodox and extremists ruling our lives.....

You will be thinking that I am a fool who is writing this. If you look just last 8 months back into the history of India we will find Shive Sena, Ram Sena, Bajrang Dal, Maharastra Navnirvan Sena and so called other Senas disturbing and making life of middle class ( the stupid class - as per Wednesday Movie) worst and we are just tolerating all the nonsense that what we are doing and we will be doing.

Recently what happened at Manglore is not a act of civilized society. Who the hell is Ram Sena to decide whether girls should go to pubs or not. Its their life and they have the right to decide what is correct and wrong for them. If Ram Sena is so bothered about Indian Culture they should stop Dowry system, begging and a lot of other things. But everybody want to become famous by doing all the cheap things. The worst thing is the government is not taking any action and even if they take that is just to wash our eyes.

Take Shiv Sena, now they will oppose Valentines Day and will beat couples who will be seen celebrating Valentines Day.. because this is not our culture.....This so called Senas should be banned like SIMI.