Celebrating 25 Years Of Presense! -Maggi Noodles!
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Celebrating 25 Years of Presense! -Maggi Noodles!

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"Mummy! Bhuk Lagi hai!"

"Buss 2 minutes!"

I have been hearing(actually watching) this advertisement for years now. This simple, sort of tagline symbolizes a brand name of a food product, in FMCG market, which is perhaps the most widely bought & eaten food product across country among all ages of people. It boasts to have added value to your life without taking more than "2-Minutes" of your daily life and that too for last 25 years!

Maggi Noodle

Yes! You guessed it right! It's Maggi Noodles! One of the most respected & trusted fast food item in India. In fact, if you play the jingle of Maggi anywhere anytime, 9/10 children & 10/10 grown up adults would recognize it without fail. It could be perhaps the No.1 Top of Minds brands in India and nothing has changed actually in last 25 years of its presence in Indian FMCG market. In fact there is no other product exists in Instant Noodles category in the market, and even if something other than Maggi exists, it is too little to take note of it.

Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestle. The brand is popular in India, South Africa, Brazil, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and the Philippines; in several countries it is also known as "maggi mee". Maggi noodles are part of the Maggi family, a Nestlé brand of instant soups, stocks and noodles. With more than 15 flavors in stock, it is widely tasted & admired for its Original Maggi Flavor, which is still one of most widely eaten flavors of Maggi. There are some other flavors like Chicken, Cheese, Ata, Rice, Masala and Tomato which are very popular, but still there is no near second to popularity of original flavor. In fact in India 'Maggi Noodles' is recognized as a genre of products known as Instant noodles.

I don't remember when I tasted Maggi first time, but ever since I tasted it I never found anything buggy in it, particularly about anything. There was hardly anything attractive in taste, it was commonplace. But I still like it. An extra-ordinarily created ordinary food product. Nothing much in recipe, the real taste comes from a small pack of seasoning you add to boiling water & Maggi cake. The best part of the recipe is that it takes a little time to cook something of best know taste without much of ingredients & hassles of cooking. You don't have to be a cooking expert or something like that to make it. And except water, everything comes readymade with the pack itself.

The idea of Instant Noodles was a killer innovation (Killer Food Product). The term Killer Application is often used while mentioning something like E-mails or Chat which revolutionalized the way we communicated with each other. The same could be said for Maggi Noodles, which has literally revolutionalized the way we cooked & eat food. There was no single food product available in world which could be cooked in less than "2-Minutes" without much of recipe. It was a brilliant idea of Nestle Team, which later created a separate market of Instant Noodles itself. Hardly anyone could think of the revolution brought by a simple food product in our lives. It is enormous. And even after 25 years of dominating more than 90% share of market, there is virtually any competition. So people often say, "There is virtually no room for any new thing in Instant Noodles".

Recently National Council of Applied Economic Research named Maggi as No.1 FMCG product in the country. With virtually no controversy surrounding the product & no competition in market, we would see many more coming years dominated by Maggi Noodles. So whenever I imagine the future food habits of coming generations, I find Maggi Noodles would find the Top Place in our kitchen years after years. So don't be surprise to see our grandchildren eating Maggie and shouting same slogans, we shouted for last 25 years.

The best part of Brand Maggi is its adaptability to local food habits. In fact it is the secret of success of Brand Maggie. For Example, with growing health conscious class of people, it has recently introduced the "Ata Noodles" made of wheat flour instead of much widely used refined flour in other noodle products. This has created a positive impact among particular class of subscribers such as health conscious mothers who prefer Maggi as afterschool snacks for kids at home. Recently it has also introduced "Rice Noodles", but they have to still grab the attention of people. And when you are living a fast pace life, you find Maggi more and more suitable to your pace. It is just synchronized to your life. That could be another reason of its immense popularity.

Creating a fast food industry was never easy. No one could actually speculate it. It's something different. Cooking something in just "2-minutes"without taking any outside ingredient except water could be compared to idea of innovation of Internet Search Engine. It looks trivial now. But we could hardly think of efforts & belief of people who created the very idea of Instant Food with great perseverance; that it would be the one of the most successful ideas ever introduced in market.

Maggi is just not a food product. It is more than it. It is original concept. It is lifestyle. It is a new food habit. It is a great idea. It is the cheapest branded food item available in market. It is the most widely eaten food product among all class of people. It is omnipresent. Forget about its omnipresence & our dependency on it, can we imagine our daily life without Maggi? Replacing something like Maggi may not be possible, as there is noting like Maggi available in the market. It is irreplaceable! It is the default food item an urban subscriber buys blindly while shopping in bazaars. I never had a single doubt about the authenticity of the product ever purchasing it. And many of us agree with me. We simply trust it. So what is the recipe of creating such a great food product? They say, "Creating a superb taste needs a vision of adding value to food habits of people, it is just more than satisfying crave". Maggi is the perfect example of it. Don't you agree?

Bass "2-Minutes!"

And see it yourself!