The Two Biggest Reasons People Spend Money
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The Two Biggest Reasons People Spend Money

=The key to maximizing the profits in your business is remembering that there are only two reasons people will buy something:
1. They want to solve a problem.2. S90-20AThey want to make their life better in some way (including their family's life or their business results).
Usually people will spend more to solve a problem. And they will be easier to convince if they already know they have the problem and are actively seeking a solution to it.
You need to find a way to get into the thoughts of your core market and work out what's on their mind.
- What's the big problem that keeps them awake at night?- What big goal do they dream about?
You need to consider these points from the perspective of what you are offering.
Here are some examples of problems people might want resolved.
"I can't work out how to complete my tax form"
"My business doesn't have enough clients"
"I can't get a loan or mortgage because of my credit rating"
"I am scared that somebody might hack my computer"
"My children are causing problems at school"
Obviously there in a never-ending list of problems and worries that people might have.
The key is being able to identify what they want. If you are offering to help themS90-01A resolve a problem they know about, you are already half way to making a sale.
However many people will be looking at the situation more positively and want to make their lives better in some way:
"I want to see my children getting top results at school"
"I want to improve my golf swing"
"I want to have a second home in Mexico"
"I want to travel to Thailand for four weeks"
You'll notice that the same situation can often be seen as a problem or an opportunity, depending on the individual and their circumstances.
For example, if I want to travel to Thailand, it may be because I'm stressed and need a break. Or I may be really keen to go but unwilling to take time away from work.
It's useful to think of what you offer both from positive and negative points of view - how it solves a problem and how it makes life better.
You need to think of what is actually going through someone's mind in relation to a problem and forS90-02A two people in the same situation the conversation inside their head may be entirely different.
People are always tuned into their personal radio station WIIFM ("What's in it for me?"). You need to work out how to get them to tune in to your message.