The USA Debt Clock - Might It Really Be A Ticking Time Bomb?
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The USA Debt Clock - Might It Really Be A Ticking Time Bomb?

Not everybody realizes how the USA debt clock has become a ticking time bomb, but the deficit would be much higher, if interest rates start S90-06Amoving off of 70-year lows. While the national debt has increased 35% in the past two years, you have to consider the interest expense has been considerably affordable, if you think about the low interest rates, which are still costing more than the annual debt interest of 2008, which was $451 billion.
Many money experts are wondering how much longer the USA debt clock can keep from exploding-especially if the cost of borrowed funds starts to increase. As an American, the USA debt clock is a concern of every citizen, because it is the next generation that will have to repay this money to foreign countries. With the economy experiencing job loss to overseas countries, how is this younger generation supposed to find jobs, never mind generate enough tax revenues to repay the national debt that is being racked up by today's governing bodies?
While it is true the USA debt clock seems to rack up expenses quicker during war times and we have been involved in two fruitless wars for the past decade, we still have to keep our country from resembling the banana republics, which might cause our account to be marked "overdrawn" in the not-so-distant future. If we see spikes in the interest rates, like the 15% interest that Jimmy Carter had to deal with, the USA debt clock will rack up deficits so quickly that you won't be able to fathom it.
The fact the government is able to borrow this money from foreign countries, like China, at 70-year lows in interest rates, is the only reason America hasn't been placed into monetary collapse. As a citizen, you have to figure out ways to protect your family's wealth or at least try to figure out a way to accumulate it. While many families are struggling to keep a roof over their head or find a job, it is still a basic monetary fact that you have to take in more than you S90-07Aspend, if you hope to survive.
The rapidly increasing totals on the USA debt clock is evidence the government is having a hard time getting a grasp on the budget, but it is a pretty basic premise to understand. Most families realize that you have to take in as much money as you spend, or be faced with a deficit and eventually face financial ruin or bankruptcy. The American government needs to quickly act to correct this financial situation, or face same fate and there are many of those that are lower-income, elderly and underprivileged that will be hurt the most.
As citizens of the U.S., you might not be able to do much more than vote on your political leaders, when it comes to the controlling the USA debt clock, but protecting your personal wealth and accumulating it is an important factor to consider, if nothing else. The USA debt clock might be a ticking time bomb that is ready to explode, but your family's financial fate needs to be protected as S90-08Aquickly as possible, if you hope to survive the explosion, on a personal level.