What Has Happened To Gold Prices In The Last Century?
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What Has Happened to Gold Prices in the Last Century?

Gold has been a sought after item since the beginning of recorded history and has been used as a currency for exchange and investment for hundreds of yearsMA0-101. In times gone by, gold was often traded along with silk, amber, rice and sugar along the ancient international trade routes that exist across China, India, Europe, and Asia.
Many people have historically and still do today invest in Gold. It is often considered as a somewhat secure investment as it usually provides a defence against external factors such as social reform, political issues and economic crises. Somewhat protecting your investment from these factors in a way that it would not have been protected if it had been invested your money into a bank account or property for example. This is not to say that gold is impenetrable, although some consider it to be a more secure investment then other options it is still affected by external factors which could increase or decrease the value of your investment, and this is clearly illustrated below.
Like anything, gold prices are not stagnant and have changed throughout history, from a value of $260 US dollars in 1960 for 1 troy ounce of gold to a huge peak of $2359 US dollars in 1980. Gold is not a fully secure option as its value can often go through highs and lows.
Currently the price and worth of gold is on a steady incline and is at the MA0-102highest value for twenty eight years, meaning that this could be the perfect time to cash in your investment or get some cash for gold
This history of gold and the investment in gold is a fascinating area, and even more fascinating when you consider that your own home may have some hidden value in your old kitchen drawers, jewellery boxes or old stored boxes in the loft. So why not have a look through your hidden treasures; not everyone can afford to have a few gold bars storedCA0-002 in their safe but a lot of people could have some hidden cash at home in jewellery or other gold items. Considering the gold price now is the perfect time to discover your hidden or long forgotten investments, even if you didn't initially see them as that.