Mahindra Quanto Vs Premier Rio- Battle Is Almost Won BY Quanto
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Mahindra Quanto Vs Premier Rio- Battle is Almost Won BY Quanto

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Mini SUV segment is becoming another next best space for both the carmakers and car buyers in India. And with the introduction of Mahindra Quanto in the country, a wish to take home a vehicle that could offer SUV’S macho call and same time can proved to be easy in use like hatchbacks has been deepen among car enthusiasts. But when Quanto is appealing customers towards it, another compact SUV Premier Rio is also striving for buyer’s consideration. Though Premier Rio was actually pioneered the Mini- SUV space in year 2009, in the current year, it has been given some upgrades in terms of powertrain and style. So here starts the battle between two compact SUVS, each eyeing for making most of the demands. So read below to get an iota of idea about both theses SUVs and get ready to make a good purchase.

Mahindra Quanto Vs Premier Rio

If appearance of Premier Rio is concerned, it truly looks like a mini SUV with fantastic looks coupled with a tail mounted spare wheel. On the sides, this 5-seater SUV appears to be elongated. The new upgrades on front come in the terms of new bulging double barrel headlamps, new front grill with a tinch of chrome, a fresh front bumper, a chin spoiler and new fog lamps. And moreover, side profile has also been upgraded with no side steps being given to the facelift model. So on exterior front, Premier Rio looks like a proportionately stretched down version of a full-blown SUV, Quanto, on the other hand proves the equation wrong. Tagged as cut down version of Xylo SUV, Quanto with its sliced tail and skyscraper tallness looks heavier than its parent Xylo and mini look of vehicle seems lost somewhere. Though with tail mounted spare wheel, you can assume it as a Mini SUV from outside.

On interior front, Quanto perhaps scores high then Rio with its spacious cabin with ample amount of head and legroom, where the space in Rio is seriously restricted. Though in terms of plastic quality, both disappoint the buyers, still Quanto gets an edge over Rio with later having low seat-high floor combo and cabin’s insufficient width resulting in impossibility of three abreast on the Rio’s back seat. With Rio’s capacity to seat only 4 passengers on average comfort, Quanto makes good choice with proper five-seater capacity. Though, pair of jump seats in Quanto pinching in the back is not of any worth as they come with very limited space.
Now coming to performance and driving of both these Mini SUVs, Mahindra has definitely done a great job by powering Quanto with 1.5-litre diesel engine, churning out 98.6 bhp power and same time keeping noise, shaking and severity under check. Moreover, the engine’s drivability is another point, where it clearly impresses. On other hand Premier Rio’s new 1.3-litre Multijet 71bhp engine feels quite bouncy in city traffic. With light turning radius and light steering, you can feel small car driving experience in Rio. Though low-speed ride of Rio undoubtedly makes it an urban vehicle, the five-speed gearbox’s vague shift act is a major concern and the noisy engine is invasive at all times, so with slightly rubbery gearbox and bouncy low-speed ride Quanto again gets an edging over Rio.

In conclusion, though both the Mini SUVs are doing well in their respective areas but Mahindra Quanto, the winner really shines. Even if it is packed with number of imperfections, its roomy cabin, sophisticated engine and enhanced dynamics definitely beat Rio in almost all aspects. Indeed, Premier Rio have better low-speed ride and fuel efficient, in the time of hiked diesel prices , these factors alone cannot make the car winner. On other side, even with marginally high price, the well equipped Quanto is the perfect deal for all those, who wish to drive a light SUV and have less travelling for long distances.