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For months (since the pandemic broke out) Extentia’s Salesforce Practice has been missing one key ...more>>
With inputs from Umeed Kothavala, Chief Executive Officer and Chetan Shetty, Chief Operating Officer&nbs ...more>>
When social distancing norms forced organizations to start working from home, the world changed overnigh ...more>>
Master data management is an integral & vital part of overall Enterprise Data Governance strategy. A ...more>>
You have been surfing the web for some time and interested in hiding your identities. But, you are new t ...more>>
Devices with voice user interface (VUI) are the latest gadgets with lots of buyer’s crazy for them ...more>>
In the present digital age, people need an online medium to further their ideas and visions. In this con ...more>>
IoT(Internet of Things) has become as some would say a network of devices that seamlessly connect smart ...more>>
It is no secret that the gaming industry is going through some big changes. Since the advent of console ...more>>
Mobile app developers have their work cut out for them as they try to formulate new app designs&nbs ...more>>
Telephony and CRM are two technological tools that every company should adopt in order to thrive today. ...more>>
How many people use weight as a sole metric to measure their health?  Two decades ago, the numb ...more>>
The success of a company’s app or website is only partially based on the design, the functionaliti ...more>>
Sales and marketing are important for business growth.  In present times, with the customer-buy ...more>>
Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a fancy technology for the future.  The IoT market has been s ...more>>
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