Indian Political Parties Are Afraid Of Right To Information Act
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Indian Political Parties are afraid of Right to Information Act

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All the political parties have ganged up in an unprecedented unity to obstruct transparency in their functioning. They all are opposing tooth & nail their coverage under the R.T.I.Act 2005. The bigger the party the bigger is its resolve to escape the dragnet of the transparency law. They are enjoying government facilities, tax-exemptions, and buildings on prime lands at premium locations in the national & state capitals, and several concessions & public donations. But they want an exit from the ambit of the Act. The more corrupt a party the more vociferous it is in its demand to negate the recent CIC order by bringing in a legislation in the Parliament.

Only the corrupt need to shy away from transparency be it the institutions or the political parties. The Act has taken good care of the issues sensitive to the unity and integrity of the nation by having an exemption clause. I do not think any other exemptions should be retained in the section 8 at all of the RTI Act in today’s world of exposures and revelations. We have example of the wiki leaks that has bared every secret so trenchantly guarded by the USA. Recently there was news that the Americans are having an electronic surveillance over India.

So when the western countries can have a tab on our official secrecy, when they know about the Indians having Swiss accounts and black money and, when even Pakistan has an access to information to our country-secrets why these corrupt parties are worried about us the voters. After we all know they are shameless too.