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The main malaise facing judiciary in India today is corruption (more rampant in lower judiciary), favoritism, castism & nepotism, lack o ...more>>
The people in India have Hobson’s choice when it comes to zeroing on political alternatives. In fact today there is no alternative pol ...more>>
Americans are not less barbarian than the Islamist ISIS. The way they repress the black, the Indians, the Sikhs and others and follow racial ...more>>
One who weakens the fabric of the unity, integrity and indivisibility is a betrayer and enemy of our country, he cannot take shelter under t ...more>>
 I wrote in my blog “Extravagance in CAG organisation unpardonable” three years back.  The overzealous crusader again ...more>>
In  J & K,  Ladakh  and Jammu are two distinct areas marked by linguistic, cultural and geographical differences. Politic ...more>>
All the political parties have ganged up in an unprecedented unity to obstruct transparency in their functioning. They all are opposing t ...more>>
Courts of India have taken upon themselves the task of cleansing the electoral system of India.  This is a welcome step. The Parliament ...more>>
Yesterday the media were roaring over the CBI affidavit filed before the Supreme Court. The CBI and the Union government both have violated ...more>>
The Diwan of the Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti by protesting to the Pakistan PM's visit has ensured that unlike the weak ...more>>
Whole country is furious at the macabre rape of a girl whose condition is said to be precariously dangerous. Delhi, of late, has earned an e ...more>>
There is a news paper report that the police Hqs. has recommended a departmental proceeding against A.C Verma IPS ex-ADGP of BMP in the wake ...more>>
Courts in India are lukewarm to taking action against government authorities who file false affidavits which results in miscarriage of justi ...more>>
Anna is a very impatient and petulant person. He earned for himself public glory and support from all sides when he had successfully embarke ...more>>
The electronic and print media in India are under tremendous govt. pressure today.  The print media are totally dependent on govt. adve ...more>>
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