Justice Is Law In Action For Public Good
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Justice is law in action for public good

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Now Mayawati has been let off by Supreme Court. A couple of years ago Laloo had got the relief despite the director having said on record that that the CBI had tangible evidence but the UPA govt. did not give nod to file appeal. The insignificant legal technicality  outweighed the swindling of crores of public money. We people of India are sure that Mulayam will also get (in)justice and Madhu Koda will not remain behind in days to come.

People ask the collapsing system a very simple question what jobs did the foursome did while in their chief minister ship to become a billionaire from humble positions.

Law in India is for the lesser mortals as the corrupt & powerful are above law.

That is why people should turn Anna’s movement into a revolution to safeguard the existence of our nation.