Attack On Patel Exposes USA State Policy Of Racialism
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Attack on Patel exposes USA State Policy of Racialism

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Americans are not less barbarian than the Islamist ISIS. The way they repress the black, the Indians, the Sikhs and others and follow racial discrimination as an instrument of state policy is not only regressive but also cruelly inhuman and uncivilized. Patel an unarmed & innocent Indian has been brutally assaulted which has rendered him paralyzed. India welcomed Obama with open heart on his recent visit but look, how he took us in by denouncing Russia our friendly country on our soil misusing our hospitality. He further revealed his true colours by shedding crocodile tears on non-existent religious intolerance in India. The Americans cannot be a reliable partner as they have been pumping billions of dollars into not only Pakistan but also the Christian missionaries to convert greedy & gullible Hindus. Obama does not see religious intolerance when he visits a theologian and fundamentalist State like Saudi Arabia.