Electrol Reforms In India- The Role Of Indian Judiciary
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Electrol reforms in India- the role of Indian Judiciary

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Courts of India have taken upon themselves the task of cleansing the electoral system of India.  This is a welcome step. The Parliament and the Election Commission both have failed to usher in electoral reforms. Judicial directions on doling out freebie and largesse, proscribing caste rallies, debarring convicted and jailed persons from elections, deprecating political promises to allure electorates were long over due

But appeasement of certain groups of voters, lopsided development and government financial assistance to targeted segments of population, selective loan-waiving schemes, government subsidies on Haj and pilgrimage etc. should also be banned as electoral malpractices.

Recently the media-hyped Food Security Ordinance and cash-transfer on LPG etc are nothing but an exercise to bribe the Indian voters. The popular saying is that as is the king so are his subjects.  There is hardly a day that passes without torrid details of a new subject of corruption in government.