One Who Weakens Fabric Of The National Unity &Amp; Integrity Is Betrayer
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One who weakens fabric of the national unity & integrity is betrayer

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One who weakens the fabric of the unity, integrity and indivisibility is a betrayer and enemy of our country, he cannot take shelter under the pretext of the right to freedom of speech. The unity & territorial integrity of the nation are non-negotiable; no discussion allowed. Prashat Bhushan is no exception

Some time back AAP leader Bhushan had been slapped by some young men agitated over his anti-nation remarks. Bhushan has once again spoken in favour of the secessionist backed by Pakistan in Kashmir. The youth of India need not react to such a situation because no traitor can now break our country unlike 1947. People should be wary of the AAP which has devised a novel way to political power by exploiting the poverty & helplessness (created by political- bureaucratic corruption) of the poor masses in complicity with anti national forces. People should also teach a lesson to those political parties who are firing their gun over the shoulder of the power hungry AAP party.