Play Of Government Affidavits And Judicial Connivance
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Play of government affidavits and judicial connivance

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Yesterday the media were roaring over the CBI affidavit filed before the Supreme Court. The CBI and the Union government both have violated the apex court’s specific direction to the bureau not to share the investigation report with the latter pertaining to the massive coal-blocks allocation scam. It was a déjà vu. Things unfolded on expected lines. Let us hope the court will set an example. Though I must say the director was truthful to great extent. But he did lose the first opportunity when Rawal the Addl. S.G. misrepresented the facts before the court.

It is a known fact that thousands of false affidavits are filed every year in courts across the country on behalf of the governments at the centre and states with the judiciary conveniently looking the other way. We seldom find cases when a bureaucrat had even been charged with perjury let alone punished for it.

These legal skullduggeries are business as usual with the C.A.G. also who people look upon as different from other organizations. A few months back I wrote the blog False Affidavits by Constitutional Institutions like CAG Defeat Justice on

If the rule of law has to be rooted deep in our polity then the higher courts must be absolutely clean, intrepid and impartial in order to be ruthless on those government agencies that take law for a ride.

The system has not yet fully collapsed because we are fortunate to have a few judges of high integrity and moral character. The delay in disposal of cases is also nibbling at the structure and poses the most formidable challenge.