Trifurcate Jammu &Amp; Kashmir Before Telangana Comes Into Being
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Trifurcate Jammu & Kashmir before Telangana comes into being

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In  J & K,  Ladakh  and Jammu are two distinct areas marked by linguistic, cultural and geographical differences. Politically also the people of these regions stand subjugated under the people of the Kashmir valley who have been their rulers even though these two parts are racially, culturally and religiously not in complete harmony with the valley people.

Pakistani and secessionist elements rule the roost. They have driven away the native Sikhs and Pundits from the valley. But our leadership continues to shelter the traitors.

Ladakh and Jammu must be separated from the valley and then quell the militancy in the valley with so much brutality that generations to come may not raise its disintegration bogey again.

Yesterday Pakistani army intruded ½ K.M. inside our boundary and killed five jawans. Every-day China slaps us in the face. The terror-outfits have permeated every nook and corner of the country. The I.S.I. is influencing politics. We are a battered nation with no self-pride or determination because the leadership has failed us due to its meekness & weakness. Our sovereignty is at stake. Morale of State is low. We are still ruining our institutions like I.B., police and defence forces. About 10 IPS officers are in jail for killing terrorists. God save this country from the crooks.

We hope a strong leader will emerge like Sardar Patel who would crush any voice that militates against the integrity of the country.

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