The Unfortunate Puppy In Mr. Narendra Modi'S Reign
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The Unfortunate Puppy in Mr. Narendra Modi's Reign

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Dy General Manager Vigilance
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The opposition parties raised a hue and cry over the remarks of Mr. Narendra Modi, who, justifying the riots of 2002, referred this unfortunate incident to the instance of a puppy coming under the wheels of a vehicle and ending its life. In fact he did not treat the Muslim victims as the puppy dying under the wheels. However, the driver in his story had not intentionally driven over the puppy which accidently came under the wheels. But the violence against the innocent Muslims including women and children who died in the riots was orchestrated by miscreants belonging to the Sangh Parivar and this incident was definitely in the knowledge of Mr. Narendra Modi.  The killings and burnings took place with his tacit approval, though no direct oral evidence could be collected by the SIT or the CBI.


The Chief Minister of the state was not slumbering when the rioters were hunting down the minority community. Everything was orchestrated in his full knowledge only. The people who lost their lives had not fallen on their own under the wheels of death but were thrown deliberately under the wheels by the perpetrators who were driving the vehicle of death. The puppy was murdered under the wheels as it was pushed down under the wheels. As the driver of the vehicle, he could have prevented the puppy from being crushed under the wheels as it was in his knowledge. After nearly 11 years, he regretted over the death of the puppy. 


The driver of the vehicle or the owner of the vehicle may regret over the unfortunate incident but the owner of the puppy will weep for the dead puppy and mourn over it. The driver of the vehicle will forget this incident but the owner of the puppy will never forget his puppy. 


Secondly, he claims to be a Hindu nationalist and a patriot.  A patriot can be a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian.  A nationalist can also be a Muslim, a Sikh, a Hindu or a Christian. A nationalist need not have the prefix of his religion. He need not be proud of his religion but should be proud of his nation which has diverse cultures, diverse religions and diverse languages. 


He also said that he did the right thing in 2002.  The right thing, according to him, was to be a silent spectator when his people were burnt and butchered to death?


Lastly, he claimed that the RSS training made him a patriot. No doubt, he is an ardent disciple of the RSS.  Nobody can claim his credentials of being a faithful follower of the RSS. However, during 2002, as a patriot, he could have saved the life of the puppy. A patriot is one who loves the people of his nation, irrespective of their faith, language, culture or social status. As the Chief Minister of the state, no doubt, he took the economy of his state to greater heights. But as a patriot trained by the RSS, he miserably failed to uphold the Dharma in the very words of Atal Behari Vajpayee.


The learned editor of The Hindu has published my views in the letter to the editor column at the following link: