Famous Peacocks Morachi Chincholi Village
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Famous peacocks Morachi Chincholi village

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If you are very fond of the nature and like to spend hours in bird watching, then there is the perfect place for you near Pune to spend your weekend. The beautiful village in the state of Maharashtra which is known as Morachi Chincholi is a very exotic place to spend your whole day. It’s like an open bird sanctuary where you can see the beautiful birds and their living in the open area of nature. This village is also known as by the name of the Peacock’s Village because it is a home to the hundreds of peacock. This is why this village attracts a large number of nature lovers here throughout the year.

It is situated at a distance of 50 kilometers from the city of Pune in the state of Maharashtra. In addition the village is full of tamarind groove with the barley field which enhances its beauty more positively. The peaceful ambience of this place is unbeatable and is the main attraction for the families also. A large number of families also visit this place for sightseeing with their kids and elders in laws for spending their weekends. It is a great fun for the kids to see the hundreds of peacock at a same time in this developed world, where birds are limited to only jungles and zoos.

A day trip can be organized any time for this place. The best way to reach here is the roadways. The families can use their own vehicle from the city of Pune to reach here. The road trip to this place can be very pleasant. In addition the cheerful and favorable weather conditions of this place make the sightseeing more comfortable for the visitors. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and make lunch for the picnic and visit the Peacock’s Village.

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