How Much Is Enough?
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How much is enough?

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For century mankind is busy in earning and acquiring more and further more. Till date hardly few human beings on the earth said enough is enough. Whether it is young or old man or woman every one wants more and further more.  Which phenomenon is creating this desire?

In last few years I observed the human life for the question and I come to some conclusion that why we can not accomplish with certain amount of wealth or belongings, and answer is not yet easy.
On this ground small number of people could argue with me that they know the answer, but sadly they only know, but not believe in and adhere to that knowledge.

See every one is with certain degree of knowledge but that is not the case here. Humans, animals, birds and insects all to gather have knowledge of their being and have the knowledge of act they do. Even though with this knowledge one does not able to decide how much is enough?

There are people with millions and billions of rupees but till date no one has decided and declared that this much is enough, they all are engage in acquiring more and further more. Definitely this question is difficult to answer at the same time it is equally interesting!

After fare amount of research and analysis I here put few thoughts of mine that it is the human greed to enjoy five subjects with the help of five senses, which is why every one is busy in acquiring more and more. As much as one enjoy subjective pleasure, the hunger for such pleasure pickups further momentum, at one point one gets completely slave to desires and just keep him busy in acquiring more and more in terms of lust wealth and fame. Just imagine, who on earth will be fed up of these three?

For the sake of giving answer any one could say that this much is enough, but is there any millionaires or billionaires ever told any one that now on this much is enough and he will not earn a single penny further?

So this is simply a greed which is larger then life, it always acquire and collect more then the requirement!

As per the saints teaching, now, here, this time and on this moment this much is enough since no one know what happen on the next moment. And since we do not know what will happen on next moment, why should we think of the next moment, minute or hour, day or year?

So enough is enough if we adhere to the true understanding of it, the scarcity of understanding creates persistent question which is not ready to die, how much is enough?

This Article was posted on by Bakul Valambhiya

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