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Dear Rajeem, 
Just because beauty is there in you, 
You happen to see the same in others.
Beauty of your openness.

Being open, lucky, you can give and take. 

Being open, and giving and taking, 
One can easily see and create the beauty. 

When one is true..., 
For him all are equally true. 


Dear Rajeem, 
More beauty is with, and more wise is, 
One who can acknowledge and appreciate 
Than the one who is acknowledged and appreciated. 

Respecting one is greater than respected one. 

He is more understanding,
And acknowledging the same,
In a very positive way. 

He is at giving end. 
More broader than one at receiving end. 
He works like catalyst for others' growth and prosperity.

Without being open,
One can neither give nor receive.


Dear Sajid, 
Great with your great understanding.

It is true for you, and it has to be true for you, the way you understand. 

One can understand and say the things only in the way he understands. 

No one can walk on others' foot and no one can talk with others' tongue. 

So, you can understand the truth only in the way you can. 

It is no one's mistake to understand or not to understand other's view. 
Life and truth is in the way how one takes and looks at. 

That is why from the same earth different plants come up 
With different fruits and flowers in different colors and tastes .... 

One has not to deny others, 
To claim exclusivity for him and to say 
Only he/it is true and correct. 
Give all their chance.... 
Thanks a lot.

Dear Sajid, 
Great to hear you again. 
Nobody has written any poetry here. 
First of all, it is only a misunderstanding, 
For which the support of writer's claim is not there. 
Still you can understand the way you want. 
Only the shape will not make writing to poetry
Like Mango is not only in its color and shape
But it is in its fruit and taste too. 

Secondly, may be poetry is like this and that for you... 
True for you... 

You may have seen fire in picture. 
Or such poetry. 

Fire in the picture can't have the real heat and light, 
And won't come in use, except for its external beauty. 

Real poetry is like real fire. 
It is not a play of and with words. 
It will have a soul and it will have heavy heat.
The soul and heat that sustain life 

For those who see the fire from distance, 
It is only a colorful decoration. 
But fire is not only for being seen 
From distance and externally. 

It is also for cooking, light and heat 
For those who are really near and needing. 
Going more near, it will burn you, your fingers.

Hope, dear Sajid, you will try to understand things in this way too,
Even when, I totally agree, 
What you understand from your perspective 
Is not and cannot be totally wrong, 
Unless you claim exclusivity for the same 
Aggressively denying others.

Dear Jayan.... 
Only when open, one can see and acknowledge. 
Openness brings in the great flow 
And the great dance of spontaneity.... 

So, only in openness and when open, 
One can have in him the great flow and dance. 
Interacting and harmonizing dance. 

God is open and in openness. 
So in great flow of spontaneity and its great dance. 

The same God, if relatively closed and confined into our definitions, 
Will be made to be devil. 

And all defined (and confined) Gods are 
Only the devils of threats and promises
Preaching lessons to be extreme,intolerant and violent
And sowing only the seeds of violence, extremism and intolerance.

And the devil is just a relative aspect of the same absolute God. 
Just relative. 
Relative confined version of God. 

Dear Jayan, 
That which has to come will surely come.... 
For that only all others things. 
To bring in and up the real truth of no right and wrong. 
The real truth of no special direction and language. 
The real truth that can accommodate and shelter all other relative truths.
Considering no one to be wrong, but right, relatively. 

Thanks for your courage to come out with the encouraging words..... 
To further up the dance and flow.