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I am both false and true.

Identified with God, the whole, the life,
I am true and truth. 
Fully true and truth.

Identified with and by "me", 
Judging separate in being,
I am false. Empty false.
Fully empty false.

I, as separate, am only a feel
Created or caused to be created
By millions and millions of factors,
Within and without, working
Without being overseen or controlled by me.

I, with God, am only a fact
Creating or causing to create
Millions and millions of factors,
Within and without, working
Overseen or controlled.


Use and usefulness of life is compulsory. 

It is a must and a fatal thing...

Uselessly everyone is equally useful.

Like millions of factors made you happen,
As an effect and a feel, 
You will also become a factor among many factors
And a cause among many causes
To further make millions of things happen. 

It is not because one intends to be useful... 

Mango tree is the way it is, 
Irrespective of it intends, or not, to be so. 


Intention mostly corrupts.... 
Purposes corrupt the things
First of all from within, then without. 

Humans intended a lot 
And corrupted the whole a lot
Till he made himself to be a cancer cell.


Who doesn’t want to escape?
From this false feel of being separate being?
Who can help but escape from this falseness?

That is why the paradise is promised... 
As the greatest escaping place....
Where the falseness will vanish
To merge it to be one with the only one, the whole.
Without having to intend or to do anything intentionally.

So as not to corrupt and be corrupted with efforts.
A promised stage of oneness 
Beyond your intention and toil.
Beyond your world of intention and toil

To be without bothering about anything 
And without being responsible for anything enjoyed.

A dream stage for a clear cut escape.

The escape of merging in and with the whole.


Without escaping, no one lives.

And no one can live without escaping
From the falseness of “I” that is separate.

This is the reason, everyone is really eager
To get engaged and busy with something or other.
Otherwise they will feel bored and irritated.

Just for the reason they can't face
Their false separate self or being and its false "I"

This is the reason for every one to stick
To his faith and belief, mostly got by birth,
To escape and hide in the false cover of society.

They need to escape from the risk of facing themselves
And from the responsibility of thinking and finding new 

And they need to escape from the insecurity issues it may create thereby.


True. Death is compulsory. A must.
For the great move and flow to dance.

But, only difference is that 
It is compulsory escape, in most of the cases,
From the false feel of separate being and existence.

And in some cases, some people even opt it
Like those whom we call martyrs 
Or those who commit suicide.

That too to escape. 
From the false feel of separate being and existence.


Death is compulsory, just because 
It is for recycling the same life.

And it is part of, or it is preparing the life for, recycling.


You can say it is not. 

Same way some other can say it is.

It is according to the feel, false or true, you have.


I am stating this as it is generally applicable.
Not to be applicable only in poetry or philosophy... 

You can say no. 
But this is what is true and actual.


That is the case with every one. 

One or other way, they all 
Escape for what they don't want. 


Sleeping is an escape. 

Half our life is almost in sheer escape by sleeping.
Enjoying that sleep. 

Other half also, everyone spends in what he likes 
And to escape from what he doesn’t like. 

So, no one can live without escaping 
From what he is afraid of.
And from what he doesn’t like.

Even when no one can escape from the fact of life or death.
From the fact of true God and godliness.


I am not saying this for arguments.

Arguments will close the doors.

Rather, I am saying as this is factual and actual. 

By arguing, one can only close the door to ensure 
What is inside is kept right and intact
And nothing new, at least for their feel, enter in.


Without being open, one will not get new. 
At least one’s windows have to be open.

If so, he is not in arguments. 
He is in seeking.
Opening one’s windows,
He is interacting.
He is sharing. 

If that is the case,
There won’t be any point that one can’t agree with.

Argument only closes the door from inside 
Knowing and thinking the other is 
Knocking at your doors from out side.