The Luxury Of Being An IT Professional
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The luxury of being an IT Professional

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I know you may not be happy reading this, but this could happen in any organization. You may notice this if you watch closely. Do not take this toooooo personal, just enjoy reading.

Required to be at the work place = 9 hours. Let us assume the start time is 9.00 AM

Hello and Hi to neighbour - 1 minute

Settling down time (Bag, fetching water....) - 5 minutes

System opening/running/down time - 2 minutes

Plugging on to music/iPod - 2 minutes

Calling home ove phone to inform about traffic/bad roads/reached safely/visited post office/visited bank...... - 5 minutes.

Checking answering machine and making notes - 10 minutes

Replying to answering machine calls - 10 minutes

checking Outlook emails - 2 minutes

Replying to Outlook emails - 10 minutes

Coffee Break - 15 minutes (Now the time is 10.00 AM)

Preparing for project group meeting - 10 minutes

Attending project group Meeting - 30 minutes

Morning visit to restroom - 5 minutes

Coffee break after the meeting - 15 minutes

(Now the time is 11.00 AM)

Discussion with neighbour/colleague about the meeting - 10 minutes

WORKING ON PROJECT - 40 minutes (with iPod, Pepsi/Coke cans, Finger chips/French Fries.

Calling friends to join for Lunch - 5 minutes

Visit to restroom before lunch- 5 minutes

Lunch time from 12.00 Noon - 45 minutes

Fresh air walk after lunch - 10 minutes

Visit to restroom after lunch - 5 minutes

Back at workstation. Checking personal emails/online purchase/download music/writing blogs like me:-)) - 30 minutes

A friend visiting your cube - 15 minutes

Taking this friend for a Tea - 15 minutes

By this time stress slowly builds up. Online stress games/company provided stress relieving games - 15 minutes

Meeting Finance/HR/Admin/ for enquires, paper submission, clarifications......... - 15 minutes

Evening team meeting - 60 minutes

(Now the time is 3.30 PM)

Tired after the meeting, fresh air walk or Tea - 15 minutes

WORKING ON PROJECT - 45 minutes (with iPod/baji/vada/bail puri/masala puri/samosa.....)

Calling friends/home/clubs....- 15 minutes

Being the best Googler for - 30 minutes

SERIOUSLY WORKING (damn serious, mostly this is the customer calling time) - 45 minutes

Customer interaction - 30 minutes

(Now the time is 6.30 PM. Oops, Overtime)

The luxury of being IT (Incentive on Time)Professionals.....who cares when customer bears.

Joy Leo