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Dear Friends

It's been long since you heard from me. Hope you all are doing good and have taken advantage of what you read from my previous articles. Nothing can make me more happy than to know from you how you had come over the negatives in your life and started thinking and staying positive. Please write to share with everyone your interesting stories. Thank you very much, Joy Leo.

Today I wish to share something important. Many of you might have seen the progress in life after reading my articles but some of you might be still waiting. I have heard people saying, "I tried all the tricks in the book and followed all what you have said, but nothing is happening to me". Friends, this is what I am going to talk in this article.

When we want something, we always want it instantly. There is nothing wrong to expect things to happen immediately. When we want to go abroad we want to go now, when we see a good boy or a girl we want to make friends now. This is absolutley normal and human, there is nothing wrong in this expectation. It is abnormal only if you think the other way round. Remember as I have always told you, there is nothing that you CANNOT acheive. Anything and everything is possible. How early or how late you receive it, is only in your hands.

One of my friend questioned me on my writings and said that he followed everything I had written but he did not receive what he wanted. I did not aks him what he wanted but tried to help him by understanding him better. In the process, I asked him few questions. I wish you too ask the same questions to yourself. I asked him, "When you first got the thought of receiving what you wanted, how excited were you? What was your energy level at that point of time, how did you feel?" To this my friend said, "Oh!! My God, I could not sleep at nights. I used to keep dreaming about it all the time. I forced myself to keep thinking of that as I knew I liked the feeling and was happy about it" At this time I could see the change on his face. He actually relived that day this moment. His face suddenly became bright, happy, there was a smile on his face and he was so excited explaining those days to me. Why did this physical change happen to him when he talked about those happy days? It is nothing but what they call 'mind acting on body' in psychology. Allowing him to finish I asked him what happened next. Now he was talking about how he was waiting and waiting but there was no progress and he finally gave up. I could see the sudden change on his face and shoulders dropped down he looked low or no energy at all.

There is a stage that come to many of us and it is called the 'Dry stage'. This is not that what you had asked for have become dry but it is your faith or belief that has become dry. Just like how a wet fertile land gives good crops and dry barren land do not yeild any crops, so does our mind. The first thought of acheiving something puts us at high energy, optimistic, positive and all that is needed to acheive what we want. But as days goes by the energy level drops and the positive thinking slowly diminishes and suddenly fades away allowing us to give up. NEVER DO THIS TO YOU. Remember whatever you have asked for is at your door steps and if you enter into this dry state, it is like you are not opening your door to allow it come inside or to be precise you are closing the door keeping it outside. Try to stay in the same energy level, keep up the same positive attitude, believe 100% that you have received it and begin to experience and feel the presence of whatever you had asked for is received. If you asked for a car feel the touch of your new car, feel the smell of the brand new leather seats. If you have asked for a friend, feel that you could hear his/her voice, feel the warmth of his/her presence near you, feel the fragnance of the perfume he/she wears. Visualize very clearly that you have received what you wanted. Lock this feeling within you. Whenever you comeback on the thought, you should experience the same as you felt before. This will help you not to go DRY. This will help you to open that door and allow whatever you wanted to come inside (into you).

Never give up, keep evaluating your feeling levels everyday and if you feel your energy is going down develop new pictures or stories for better and interesting visualization. Re-energise your thoughts, keep your mind wet all the time and never allow it to go dry. Remember, you are the creator of your world and you have all the powers in your hand, just use them.

Joy Leo