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Dear Friends

In the last few blogs I mentioned about success and how to become successful. Some friends wrote back to me asking how to come out of their negatives and I shared an exercise that will help to regain confidence and stay positive. I also want to let you know how special you are in this world.

Have you ever thanked your creator for creating you? Have you ever realized that you are the most valuable living creature in this world? Among those billions out there, have you ever realized that you are the only one with your features? You are made special, because GOD wanted you to be special. When your creator, the supreme power, wanted you to be very special, why should you think of any low of yourself. If you do so, you are not thankful to HIM. Each and everyone of us are born with a unique talent which we need to explore and expand on it. Even your name may not be unique, but you are. When you walk in a crowd of thousands and if someone call your name from behind, only you will turn back. If your name that is given by your parents gives you so much of an identity how much identity should you get by the talent given to you by your creator. Only few exhibited their talent but many failed to even know what their potential is. You can easily tap your talent and exhibit it to the world when you begin to LOVE YOURSELF.

Ask this question to anyone, what do you love the most? The answers will be like flowers, music, London, mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend and many other things. I will be suprised if anyone says, "Yes, I love myself". As I mentioned in my other blogs, it is very very important to carry positive emotions to attract what we want in life. You can carry positive emotions only when you think good about yourself. Remember, however your looks may be, you are unique and the only MASTER PIECE in this world. Do not ever make a MISTAKE by calling yourself ugly, or not so goodlooking. Do not make a MISTAKE by comparing yourself with others. All what man made can be duplicated or made again by man but what GOD made canot be duplicated or made by man and that is YOU. Because you are so very special and you should realize it NOW.

You can attract anything into your life and acheive anything you want and the first step towards that is to love yourself. When you begin to love yourself you will do things that are good to you. Your mind will allow you to think that are nice and good for you. You will slowly begin to attract things that are associated with good, nice, happy, growth, prosperity because your sub-conscious now belived that you love yourself the most and will send messages to your conscious mind to do things only that makes you feel good about yourself. This will also help you to get rid of your negatives much faster.

Remember, the King of all love is self-love.

Joy Leo