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Hi Friends,

Do you want to be successful in life? Do you want to marry the girl/boy you have a crush on? Do you want to own a Multi-national company and be your own boss? Do you want to drive that sexy car you always dreamt off? Anything is possible and to your suprise it is very easy too. I know you slip a beat in your heart now. You need not believe in me but believe in yourself. Here are 5 steps that you may try to get whatever you wanted in life.

1) Become An Actor:

I remember this quote, "The world is a stage and everyone in it is an actor" We do this act of acting day in and day out in our lives. If you streamline this talent it will turn to your benefit. You might have seen kids playing as a doctor, engineer, Dad, Mom and other characters. I always learn a lot from Kids though it should be the otherway round. See them how they potrait themselves when they pick up a characher. They get themselves so much into the character that they forget their real self. I spent time observing them after they pick up a character. I noticed their voice, gestures, body language and even language changes from a child to adult. They do this so unconciously and totally forgetting their self image. This is excatly what adults need to do to get what they want in life. This makes the transformation from what we are to what we want to be. If we want to become a successful Manager, change everything in your life and ACT as you are a successful manager NOW. When you do so, your actions, gestures, dressing sense, habits everything will change. In no time you will see the real transformation happening. In simple, become the change you wanted to become NOW.

2) Release Mind Blocks:

How many of us do this; If I take this route everyday to office my day will be good, If I see a particular person on my way to college my whole day will be pleasent, If I am able to catch the 12B bus then my day goes smooth. DO NOT do this? You are killing yourself. You are creating a mental block in your mind and throwing a condition that ONLY if you do or get this, you day or life is going to be happy. With or without your knowledge you are attracting what you DON'T NEED rather than attracting what you NEED. You are creating blocks in your mind unwantedly. Release these mental blocks from your mind and focus directly on what you need.

3) Do Not Try To Convince Others:

What is a need for you need not be a need for others. It is important that you should be 100% convinced that you are a successful manager NOW (reference to 1st point example) but not necessary that you should tell people that you do so because you wanted to become one. When you try to convince others your belief level goes down. Take the kids example. When they play they do not convince others to make them believe that one is a doctor or a character. They simply believe in what character they are. That is excatly what adults should also do.

4) Get Out Of The Way:

We have heard of miracles. There is no scientific reason found behind any miracle. In spirituality they say the best prayer is to say, "Thank you God" because you believe that you received what you wanted and thanking God for it. When we pray we only ask what we want, we don't give directions to GOD to help HIM how to make it happen. Ask, Tell, Dream, Visualize, Imagine on only what you WANT. Do not try to question on HOW it will happen. It is very difficult for a pratical man/women to do this. Because they always question on the HOW. Keep only the result you wanted to become in your mind and do not worry on the HOW part. Leave the HOW part to be delt by the supreme power. Just Ask, and get out of the way for things to happen.

5) Be Happy

I am again bringing the example of Kids here.....we adults can learn a lot from kids. For example, when they fight, see how quick they get back together. It is not that simple when they become adult, WHY???? Many negatives grow big along the path, which we can discuss in another topic. Coming back to the topic....It is very very important that you have positive emotions. As I have mentioned in another blog of mine...Positive emotions attracts positive results and negative emotions attracts negative results. When you act as a successful manager, your emotional level should be the same as a successful manager. You should feel all the positive emotions of being successful like happy being wealthy, happy getting a beautiful girl as wife, happy owning a luxury car, happy being a member of an exclusive club.......Carry this happy emotions throughout your life and see the change you become. The beauty of this emotion is that not only you get transformed but you also transform others.

Follow these 5 setps, they are simple yet very powerful. God created you and you create your destiny. Let us all Live and die and not die to live.

All the best

Joy Leo