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Dear Friends

Humans have both positive emotions and negative emotions. One of the worst negative emotion that keeps us from any progress is FEAR. It is an emotion that is related to future events based on past experience or belief. Uncertainties of a situation, continuing of the present situation, expecting pain are some of the cause for fear. Fear is an emotion which is caused due to a future experience that is expected to become negative. When the anticipated future or expected results becomes positive the so-called fear immediately disappears from our mind like a flash and happiness sets in. When fear is related to negative emotion, why should we fear GOD who is always a positive vibration?

Recently I was reading an article where I came across this ‘fear GOD’ sentence. I do not blame anyone for this mistake. Traditionally we were taught that we should ‘fear GOD’ which is totally wrong. If we are really afraid of GOD then there will not be any sin in this world, otherwise if GOD is fearful, then no one will be alive because everyone commits something or other against HIS will. How many of us have seen GOD? All most all of us have. Our elders have only said GOD is everywhere but did not specifically say in what form. HE is in the form of our parent, brothers and sisters, friends, our teachers in class, plants, trees, rivers and oceans. Just as we are not afraid of them we need not be afraid of GOD. Then what should we consider GOD as, Aahaa!! This is a good question???

When you get up in the morning just say Good morning Lord and thank HIM for the wonderful day. While dressing up just tell HIM how you are planning the day. Discuss with HIM what you are planning to take for lunch, seek advice from HIM on your relationship with your wife/friend and others. Tell HIM what happened yesterday in your office, Ask HIM what to do on certain situations. On the way to office if you see an ambulance, ask HIM to save the person’s life. If you know someone who is in trouble, ask HIM to help them, If you see a beautiful girl/boy, say thanks to HIM for creating such beautiful people. When you see the birds, new leaves growing on trees, the blue sky, appreciate HIM. In simple TALK TO HIM. You need not talk loud but do it through your mind. Do this for at least one week and on the next day ask yourself this question. Am I afraid of GOD? Your answer will definitely be NO.

Do not be afraid of GOD. HE is your creator and loves you more than your mother. He knows you even before you could be born. All you have to do is TALK TO HIM everyday, just as you talk to your friends, parents and teacher. Before going to sleep just say Goodnight to HIM and HE will be awake by your side guarding you. There is no prayer best than talking to your CREATOR. He is the only person who is available anytime, anywhere to listen to you.

Joy Leo