Handling Problem Employee - A Case Study
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Handling Problem Employee - A Case Study

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HR Professional USA
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Whether in the United States or India, all Management Professionals need to handle Problem employees everyday in their work life. Here is one case study for discussion.
AJ has a problem employee BJ. BJ is a Project Leader and people manage a team of three engineers. Offlate he took lot of leaves and is now below minimum leave balance. Knowing that he cannot apply for any further leaves BJ is absenting himself from work. AJ is furstrated by BJ's action and attidude. There is a huge backlog of work to be completed and his team is suffering without their Project Leaders help and guidance.
BJ also started a new habit of calling AJ befoe the business hours (7.00 AM) and leave a voice message at AJ's telephone saying he won't be coming for work. He does so because he was instructed by HR in the initial counselling to keep his Manager informed if he is not coming for work. Out of frustration AJ calls out his HR Manger and gives him details of BJ's leave, unauthorised absence and unprofessional way of informing him on absence. He also inform his HR Manager that BJ also influence his peers with his negative behaviour. AJ recommends BJ's immediate temination and request for immediate repalcement. He says that Team morale, Customer interaction and the Project is worst hit by BJ's behaviour and attitude.

Consider yourself as HR Manager. What would be your approach to this situation?