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Information v/s experience

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BJP came with new decision of not allowing people aged more than 75 years. This canceled out many veteran politicians from the platform of politics in India. In this post, I want to chat on practicality of this decision and its effects on our politics. Here we shall see two ways of learning things from life. In one way, person learns during his life and that is called learning by experience. In second method, one learns taking coaching from some training place, by reading books, by taking tips from teachers and that way he gets theoretical information of many things. However, in this method what he gets is only information of things and not experience of those things. Important difference in these two methods is vital for us to understand. Person can acquire much information by second method in a very short time. We know of courses in educational institutes where young people are trained. A complete novice becomes expert in that subject in a very short time. What they acquire is information on the concerned subject devoid of any experience. We consider these young people as qualified to take up work and often they get jobs in that vocation. However, we come to know that they are not trained enough in that career. They frequently fail in delivering results. We always see advertisements in newspapers requesting for experience of 3 years, 5 years and so on. This indicates that mere information is not enough to make a person competent in any profession. Political career is no exception to this rule. 

In first method, that is not the problem. A person having spent much time in a profession but without any theoretical information can deliver better than the one who has enough information of the theory but no experience. Therefore, in any business all prefer experienced people over trained but with no experience. 

When we compare work of these two types of people, we clearly see that trained person works more based on, his imagination causing failures whereas, experienced one has experience to guide him and so his work is perfect and failures are not encountered. Here we see that work based on imagination based on information and that on experience make a big difference. 

Modi wants to hire services of inexperienced workers and does not want experienced ones to do the work of development. Why he took this decision, I wanted to find out. There are quite a few possibilities those made him take to this decision. One possibility is that an experienced person generally does not accept interference in his work by any body, not even his superiors. His confidence rules out other advisers from his work. This is not the case with inexperienced workers. They actually want somebody to interfere and help them do their work. They are easy to manage. I feel this possibility is behind Modi's strategy of removing all experienced persons from his team and keep only half-baked (raw) ones so that he can manage with them properly. There are advantages of this policy and there are disadvantages. Advantage is, he shall have no resistance from his team and disadvantage is he may become a failure if he does not get work properly from them due to their being inexperienced. Having experienced team reduces workload for him and the work can develop much easily. Disadvantage of having experienced people is very bad; he will get resistance from them as their experience conflicts with that of Modi. It appears from the way Modi is planning his tenure that he prefers increased workload, to resistance. This is also the sign of a making of a dictator. All dictators have similar policy with their aids. Gandhiji had many well-experienced followers but he did not rule them out. He allowed them to function in the way they wished; this is the sign that Gandhiji did not want to be a dictator. Anna Hajare is opposite of Gandhiji. He also does not like questioning people.

There are other things in it. Very often experienced people are senior to the boss, here Modi. Their being senior influences their behavior and at times, they become less responsive to the boss. This makes working of a dictator difficult. They begin to undermine boss, which a person like Modi who wants to become a dictator, cannot tolerate. This is probably the reason why Modi took this decision. To avoid differences of opinion while working is the matter that concerns them. Over confidence in Modi is all responsible for this decision. I am afraid, if Modi fails in his task the country may suffer immensely. Modi feels that he has five years to do what he feels to do. Moreover, that has made him arrogant. This is not a good development. We should not allow anybody become a dictator in India, if that happens it will destroy our democracy. His repeated talk of calling him kamdar, servant and such terms is not a good sign. Something in his mind makes him say all these terms to hide his real intentions; sort of guilty conscience. If he is allowed to become a dictator, that will make him a monster next. Our hard-earned democracy will be lost and we may have to begin freedom struggle again. 

Recent election in Maharashtra revealed example of how an inexperienced person given authority to take vital decisions can somersault. Shiv Sena appointed son of Uddhaw Thakeray to take decision about alliance with BJP. He insisted to have certain number of seats and that broke the alliance. What caused this to Shiv Sena is more than losing seats in assembly. BJP realized that they could contest on their own! If alliance had continued BJP would never have come to know this; keeping Shiv Sena in power over BJP. Cat in the manger is now out! It appears that henceforth, Shiv Sena will be operated my children of leaders. If Modi takes a cue from this, he would understand that total removal of elders is not a wise decision. Elders do have their misgivings and prejudices, bigotry, intolerance or injustice but they can be sorted out amicably. For example, Murli Manohar Joshi has typical Brahmanic arrogance due to his superiority complex, which is not good for healthy development of BJP cadres. Although they are difficult, they can be managed skillfully.

 This is why one should not allow inexperienced people to be in vital positions. They have to spend time learning under some senior and first acquire sufficient experience and not work based on their imaginations or raw visualizations. Modi is going to learn some hard lessons in due course for being over confident; he had acquired by his success in Gujarat. In the process our poor country is going to suffer, that bothers me.

Some expect that raw inexperienced candidate will be educated by experienced bureaucrats; but that may be detrimental to the purpose of BJP future. This I say because most people in our bureaucrats are pro congress! Moreover, our bureaucrats, themselves, are not competent to understand problems of our country. 

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