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20 March 2015 Ban on slaughter of cattle   Yesterday as I was going to Chembur station to purchase my provisions, I saw ...more>>
I recall one incidence that took place some years back when I had been to the office of one of my friends who was in the business of providi ...more>>
Lately we notice that police force has become increasingly more arrogant to citizens and behave unruly while on duty. The concept of Vigilan ...more>>
As I grow old often go in reminiscence of old events and try to know what right and what wrong happened. In a way it was like reviewing m ...more>>
I remember having talked about perfect crime on this blog sometime ago. May be my readers have lost it. There are other two types of wr ...more>>
Here I am putting my observations about what is possible if a separate Vidarbha State is formed. Nitin Gadkari of BJP tells that he wants ...more>>
BJP came with new decision of not allowing people aged more than 75 years. This canceled out many veteran politicians from the platform of p ...more>>
2nd part Judiciary is third monster. This monster is worst of all. They think they are gods! This makes it impossible to question them. Two ...more>>
1st part Narendra modi has been inviting foreign investors in our country to put their money in India. He is giving promises to these ...more>>
Law commission has requested people to give their opinion on the policy of death penalty. Here is my opinion based on certain argument as pe ...more>>
Every body blames politicians for present day economic crisis. I differ, I think it is the high level scientists enjoying all comforts and h ...more>>
From Nita Ambanit to Amir Khan all so-called celebrities are these days wielding jhadoo as never before. Jhadoo has now become a symbol ...more>>
We saw grand victory of BJP under Modi charisma. I am of the opinion that the unbelievable success they got not because of Modi alone b ...more>>
In my last post I told advantages of soak pit over drainage system and while I was doing it I remembered that our PM has promised peopl ...more>>
British people introduced drainage system in Mumbai in nineteenth century. Prior to that we had age old soak pit system to dispose of h ...more>>
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