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An American economist asks An American economist and investment Guru, Peter D. Schiff, asks his US Government; are we serious about rehabil ...more>>
Spending to celebrate an occasion The other day I read a news item saying, the chief minister of government of Maharashtra, Mr. As ...more>>
Now US poverty rate highest, since 1997 Monday September 14, 2009 The U.S. poverty rate reached its highest level since 1997 by the end of ...more>>
Whirlpool effect on the economics We shall study now how a good investor’s shares market was spoilt by these speculators; by invo ...more>>
US gov plan, to save energy at American homes through Rebates! By the end of 2009, consumers nationwide will be able to take advantage of a ...more>>
Please read this article The Ex President of Government of India, DR. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s Speech in Hyderabad. He asks why our ...more>>
Bankruptcy increasing in USA Wednesday August 19, 2009 It was the worst of times and apparently still is, as the U.S. Courts confirmed tha ...more>>
Why shares market is preferred to Bank finance by operators? In my article titled, “An international fraud in Banking” dated 3 ...more>>
GDP challenged! Gross Domestic Produce or GDP is widely used by economists to gauge the health of an economy, as its variations are, rela ...more>>
An international fraud in Banking You must be surprised at the title of this article but it is truly a saga of a big fraud perpetuated ...more>>
Devil of MNCs There is a fable that tells, a woman gave birth to a child but that child was not ordinary one but devil. The little devi ...more>>
Counterfeit Dollar Recent information shows that US government is going to print counterfeit Dollar to solve home problem. Since at ho ...more>>
Difference in Purchasing Power and purchase-ability! Recently our good Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukharji announced in Bengal that F ...more>>
Purpose of Law and Law In a law book we often see various laws given but nowhere the purpose of that law is mentioned. What is the diff ...more>>
An Economic Hit Man To understand the real form of USA government, read the following!! “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (ISBN 0-452- ...more>>
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