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All civilized world had accepted democratic form of a government as the best form of government however, as I studied various aspects of thi ...more>>
I am giving here on this post my scientific findings about this important topic. We often see that homosexuality mentioned as one thing and ...more>>
Generally, all condemn homosexuality as a bad practice. Even though, this continues to exist in people of certain type. A psychological stud ...more>>
Our economists are worried for the continuous fall in the exchange value of Rupee. This fall is due to lack of demand for it in the Forex Ma ...more>>
We heard of how Saif Ali Khan and some others unlawfully punched two respectable people at the Taj Restaurant and on that, we were talking a ...more>>
A study about the effects of black money in our national economy has revealed many interesting facts and this time I am going to show them t ...more>>
I have been writing about corruption but today I want to discuss an example of corruption to understand how corruption can destroy life of m ...more>>
25th March 2005 Honorable Dear Sir,  I am a retired man well passed my sixties in other words, a senior citizen. I am not a law gradu ...more>>
I had written a letter to Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, at that time President of Government of India on 24 June 2005, to that he did not bother t ...more>>
We see a strange phenomenon that ordinary people are protesting against excessive indulgence in the stock exchanges. The gamblers corrupted ...more>>
To understand Anna Hazare, one should go in the time when he transformed his place “Ralegansidhi”. How he could improve those pe ...more>>
These days we are worrying about the effects of black money on our economy. What is black money? The definition of black money is that incom ...more>>
A 900-strong audience in the packed Kensington Town Hall in central London listened as Mr. Julian Assange defended the need for anonymous wh ...more>>
On 24 November one young man Harvindersingh went close to Mr. Sharad Pawar and slightly pushed him on his cheek to register his protest for ...more>>
I have studied economics through many books written by various economists but I was not satisfied for reason that it failed to answer some o ...more>>
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