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As a voter I was carefully following most events on this general election for the 16th parliament of republic of India government. Here ...more>>
Democracy means as per Oxford dictionary, this is a form of government, where people have a say about who will hold power. Republic mean ...more>>
I had given my findings about causes of inflation in our country's economics in my previous post where I showed effects of “use and th ...more>>
 This general election is making everybody crazy. All political parties appear to be in a dizzy mood. Most do not know how to appeal to ...more>>
Election commission on Tuesday 1st April, expressed their displeasure at NCP chief Sharad Pawar's controversial appeal to his followers to ...more>>
Last week Sharad Pawar a noted leader from state of Maharashtra had told his followers that there is an opportunity to do double voting si ...more>>
To eradicate corruption from every level, Lokpal and Lokayukta in states will be set up immediately. will pass Citizen Charter bill ...more>>
Nowadays, we often hear, during many discussions, about states being developed and not developed. In Indian context, how to decide that is ...more>>
Modern economic trend shows that a currency gradually loses its purchasing power, whatever be that currency. No attempt to stop this fr ...more>>
We hear a lot in media these days about many ideas to bring tax reforms. I had suggested that personal income tax be totally removed to ma ...more>>
   I want to congratulate Arvind Kejriwal for accepting the responsibility of forming a government for Delhi State. They all sho ...more>>
Final declaration by UPA government that it is made of criminals and shall go to any extent to save its members; was about to be completed ...more>>
Present judiciary system that we have was developed by British Raj and according to that, people were its subjects or tenants. And the gov ...more>>
In India we see news about many cases of women harassment and sexual abuse by minor boys. These boys are below age and so come in juvenile ...more>>
I was surprised to see, beggars in the metropolis of Mumbai using mobile service to improve their earning. Until that day, I was under a w ...more>>
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