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On the 14 August 1947 meeting of the Assembly, a proposal for forming various committees was presented. Such committees included a Comm ...more>>
Cancer, this is not a disease but a disorder in the body since, cancer is not caused by any micro organism; but due to some unknown or known ...more>>
Today I want to discuss a very strange phenomenon, which we see in our democracy. The most pious act in the democracy is voting. Today we se ...more>>
Traditionally Hindu society is divided in four classes based on four different types of intelligences. These divisions were originally based ...more>>
Recent announcement by Anna, that he most probably will launch a political party; and enter regular politics to achieve what he and his pe ...more>>
We always give great importance to this institute in our democratic system. This system in the government at times we call a veritable God ...more>>
What is a perfect crime? Law experts explain; it is that crime, which cannot be proved in the court of law and the accused convicted. T ...more>>
Amir Khan performs as main character in this program. I was watching this program on my TV this Sunday, 15th July. While I was doing that ...more>>
Recently we all witnessed popular program through which winner of the title, "Indian Idol" they chose out of countless contestants. I saw al ...more>>
Our currency is losing its auction value at the Forex Market and that has been the main concern of most economists. When we see the histo ...more>>
The professional politics has steeped down to the level so that they want to corrupt the young people of the society with the intention that ...more>>
We are talking about the scouting of ACP Dhoble in Mumbai’s pubs and clubs. Over all tone is of disdain for this over smart police ...more>>
Some time back in an interview MMS said that working with a coalition government is very difficult, because, the companion factions keep on ...more>>
We get a good number of reports about terrorism at Gudchiroli in Maharashtra State and the surrounding region. The people, who indulge in th ...more>>
Recent hike in auto-rickshaw rates made me think on this issue of frequent rise on the tariff of our local transport service. This post may ...more>>
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