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Some body had asked me, how HR has anything to do with marriage and family and so this is the explanation.   My facebook and Siliconi ...more>>
This is a research paper to study and suggest improvements in present Banking practices. All concerned people are requested to read it and s ...more>>
Democracy and moral values   Direct democracy is as yet not in practice in India. In U.S. that is practiced at state levels. We had s ...more>>
Diseased economy   3 diseases of economy 1) Speculation, 2) Hoarding and 3) Money Laundering   For a healthy economical activi ...more>>
Banana republic   The great American tradition of individualism, entrepreneurship and revolution is being systematically undermined b ...more>>
Chinese Market and Indian problems   We are wasting our time trying to woo American business. The dollar is worth only 20 rupees and ...more>>
Final solution to auto fuel problem found Please refer to my posting on this blog in 29th November 2008,   Given below are other fin ...more>>
Comments… no comments…! Every blog publisher wants that the readers give some response to his/her writings. But my experience ...more>>
American stupidity The assertion of Obama administration, that China is artificially keeping the yuan undervalued to gain a global competi ...more>>
Pravin’s Murderer pointer - 2   Was Pravin Mahajan murdered? Has sent me two more theories and they say that there were other b ...more>>
 Was Pravin Mahajan murdered? A BJP leader Pramod Mahajan was brutally killed by his own brother Pravin for hither to unknown reason a ...more>>
False charade of US government, to avoid hyperinflation   Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist is giving his candid appraisa ...more>>
Your new flat has no resale value!   My friend Mr. Pandaw told me that his nephew has decided to return to India from U.S. and wants ...more>>
The Greatest lie of the century Byron King an investment expert has discovered the greatest lie of the century by Saudi Arabia to all so ca ...more>>
Importance of PP and PP/P   GDP is often associated with PPP or purchase power parity, here parity means comparison. However, GDP ...more>>
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