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I regret to inform all my friends on this blog that due to very bad internet connectivity I can not reply to many messages in my inbox. I am ...more>>
Legitimate robbery I was studying the way presently Banks are reducing interest rates on the fixed deposits and for that came in contac ...more>>
Money Cycle This is a rather extended article but I feel it is necessary to write in details since this phenomenon of money cycle is n ...more>>
HUF and India, received a few questions; three separate readers have asked me to provide information on, “How to separate constructive ...more>>
Police and tippers We know about spies working for kings and politicians similarly tippers are working for police officers. In this art ...more>>
HUF and India Compare today's India with a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) since India is a very big HUF. Similarity ...more>>
Bharatvarsh? What Bharatvarsh? Which Bharatvarsh? A study of concept of nation We always talk of our country as Bharatvars ...more>>
On the Eve of Elections On the eve of coming elections I have a questionnaire for the Congress party in particular and other parties in ...more>>
Do we have democracy in India? The other day I read in the news paper that Sonia Gandhi warned people who said not very respectfully ab ...more>>
Extremism, how to deal with it? Religious extremism of Islam is presently the subject of discussion today. It is believed that this ex ...more>>
I received on my Email, following forwarded message. I want to share it with my friends on this blog. IS INDIA A POOR COUNTRY? Rev ...more>>
Currency Jumble As many subjects keep crowding in my mind one of them is currencies of various types; and when the other day, I read a ...more>>
Globalization I heard about globalization a few years ago and there I began to find out what is this globalization. One old friend of ...more>>
Housing bubble in America Lately we are all hearing a lot about Sub prime in America. I was curious to know more about it and so I ...more>>
AN HONEST APPRAISAL FROM A SATYAM EMPLOYEE I received this letter by email. Somebody forwarded it to me, after reading it I had some qu ...more>>
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