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Weak point of Congress party  Recent commotion on the issue of increasing prices of petrol clearly exposed the weak point of Congress ...more>>
Recent commotion in the Anna team owing to Raju Parulekar’s blog needs attention because, it involves many other matters those may slo ...more>>
A few days back I had asked my nephew to return to India and settle here. To that, he replied with many questions and I feel; that his lette ...more>>
These days we see that various spokespersons of Congress party keep on targeting Anna by leveling many dubious allegations on him only to pr ...more>>
This time I am showing some other type of corruption that often plagues common person today. It is about MTNL service for internet connectio ...more>>
When I studied the case of Veershaiwa Bank, Chembur, I noticed that the style in which this bank is throttled by the ex manager, Mr. Kadoli, ...more>>
Anna’s movement has caused many upheavals in the political life of our country; today I want to discuss possibility that this agitation by ...more>>
Present situation - No politician or senior officer ever goes to jail despite huge evidence because Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) and CB ...more>>
Recently we all Indians witnessed a very incredulous situation in our country. I am talking about the hunger strike of notable social activi ...more>>
Given, here are details of Swiss Bank Accounts of prominent Indians published by WIKILEAKS recently. The list, Rudolf Elmer disclosed for th ...more>>
Dictionary meaning is, 1. Dishonest and unethical, illegal behavior, 2. To spoil the moral discipline of someone or a territory, 3. To indul ...more>>
Dear readers of my blog you may be remembering that I have been accusing MMS of being a secret agent of USA government but many of you did n ...more>>
I often read Mumbai Mirror, and on 25th May there was a news clip about comments of our honorable Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh. In tha ...more>>
Winston Churchill was reluctant to surrender the British Empire. He had little respect for Indian political leaders. While arguing against g ...more>>
These days daily we are getting some news about who was called by CBI and interrogated. Almost all who’s who from the telecom business ...more>>
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