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Supreme court gave ruling and by that state government is obliged to give licenses to dance bars in Maharashtra. SC scolded government for ...more>>
Recently I read a write up in the Times paper giving details about how potable water tanks on top of buildings are creating pollution i ...more>>
I am deeply disturbed because of what happened at Uttarakhanda on 16 May. Many people are giving their views and finally come to the concl ...more>>
There is news these days that tells us that some important members of NCP are repeatedly requesting State congress party president Mr. Man ...more>>
A few days back Julian Assange world famous hacker told media that during his days of exile against the U.S. exigency he had requested ...more>>
India imports 800 tons of the 2500 tons of gold produced each year in the world. This creates pressures on the dollar-currency architec ...more>>
Times of India has recently launched a program to attract young people of age group 18 to 24 to participate in various movements to perfor ...more>>
To continue my comparison between the two personalities, namely Indira and Sonia I would consider the venue is up coming election in 2014. ...more>>
We observe recent spate of cases of rape and other types of molestation of women in our country. Thinkers and other social workers are bus ...more>>
A letter to honorable Finance Minister of Government of India, Mr. Chidambaram, Sir, I admit that I have scant respect for your person ne ...more>>
Recently there was furor about spending money on the occasion of marriage of daughter of one minister in state cabinet of government of Ma ...more>>
In India we have caste system and people are recognized from the caste they belong. This system became important due to policy of the gove ...more>>
Recently there was furor on removal of subsidies on mineral fuels. Our government has been giving subsidies on many other essential com ...more>>
Recent development in the economic policy of Government of India introduced a new chapter in Indian retail market. Foreign direct investme ...more>>
This is time when festival of Ganapati, the savior God of Hindus we all faithful Hindus celebrate. There is a common belief that worshipin ...more>>
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