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Permanently pregnant States - UP, Bihar and Nepal You must be surprised that I have mentioned Nepal along with UP and Bihar but rememb ...more>>
Wall Street’s monopoly on the Economy, Choking Americans Shah Gilani noted economic adviser from US has for the first time revealed the l ...more>>
Warning: This is Not another Wall Street Conspiracy Theory, but Facts I found an article by a noted economic adviser, Shah Gilani in a very ...more>>
Jesus, Mother Teresa and Pope Some body told me this story about the three people we all know. Jesus the son of God and founder of Chri ...more>>
Oxygen Replenishment Encouraging diatom farming on sea and other large water bodies a concept study We talk of carbon dioxide in ...more>>
Purchasing power and standard of living GDP (Gross Domestic Produce) per capita is not a measurement of a standard of living in an econ ...more>>
How China is Torpedoing the U.S. Dollar!! The dollar has been struggling to retain its value – and now it is about to get worse ...more>>
Vaibhav Bedi deserves Justice Unable to attract even a single girl, frustrated man sues Axe New Delhi. In what could prove to be ...more>>
Below given are excerpts from some of the important U.S. economist opinions’. Almost 80% of them are worried about the future of America. ...more>>
Glass–Steagall Act Last week we saw the comments of ex Fed Chaiman Paul Volcker and in that he has mentioned this act. This week I am ...more>>
Will State Bank of India end up as Lehman Bro. of India? I feel the comments of former U.S. Fed Chairman Paul Volcker at the London meet a ...more>>
Billionaires Turned Beggars as Financial Crisis deepens Forbes magazine shows the pathetic condition of billionaires of the world. I found ...more>>
Stock Market Not a Casino, Sen. Maria Cantwell Derivatives trading, a super risky stock market investment practice often used by hedge fund ...more>>
The four measure economies The four measure economies of the world those, as a rule, controlled the international economic activiti ...more>>
Fear of a Double-Dip Recession in US market? Here I am presenting some excerpts from another investment Guru, Jon D. Markman. His obser ...more>>
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