Do You Have Courage To Be The BEST!!!!
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Do you have courage to be the BEST!!!!

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Real Estate Broker/Agent

Everyone dreams of succeeding. Doing better than before. Looking forward to meet their goals and vision boards. All these are necessary and vital steps in getting a chance at success. Harvey MacKay said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". That quote in itself is enough to motivate me to do something about my success. Not just talk or plan it, but actually DO something about it. I know the goals if not put in action will not bring any results.

One thing I realize everyday that something must happen before one succeeds in achieving their true dreams.

Accepting the courage to become successful and meeting all the challenges with a positive attitude. I know if I have positive attitude, I will bring positiveness in the people who I am working with.

It is necessary for me to bring that moment to all and everyone I meet. To inspire everyone to go after their dreams.

Courage, as defined by WikiPedia is self-affirmation of Being in spite of non-Being. It relates to many of us, small business owners and independent contractors in real estate Business or any other business.

There's so much courage that needs to be built up.

Courage to get up every morning and "go to work".

Courage to step out of our comfort zone

Courage to do the "right" thing - despite the paycheque is on the line..

Courage to say the "right" thing - when it's difficult for clients to hear

Courage to know you will get hurt

Courage to know you will move on and be okay

Courage is the process of BECOMING

Courage is devoting yourself in valuesyou believe in

Courage is channeling everything you do in that direction .

Courage is a dedication and a discipline.

Courage is also knowing that you are not going to get there overnight. But every baby step you take today will get you there in your own time. Some take 1 year, 5 years, 25 years and some may take a lifetime. Whatever your time is and wherever you are in your life and you want to be successful, have courage to tell yourself, It's okay. Yes, there is a sense of urgency. But without the courage, you won't get there.

It takes A LOT of Courage to be the BEST. Courage is success in itself. Not everyone is truly prepared to become successful but all of us dream to become successful someday.

Success doesn't just happen to anyone. It happens to the people who have the courage to do whatever it takes.

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