IPas�S Dominant Position Are Enhancing
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iPas�s Dominant Position Are Enhancing

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Good Technology, a company providing Push e-mail and mobile device management for mobile phones, reported on Thursday that compared with the Android Tablet PC, Apple’s iPad occupies a dominant position in enterprise Tablet PC on the market, this dominance has been enhanced in the first quarter.
The report shows that in the first quarter of the corporate users activate the Tablet PC iPad share goes up to 97.3% than 94.7% in the fourth quarter of 2011. On the contrary, Android Tablet PC with a share of 2.7% as slightly higher than 5% in the previous quarter.
Good Technology spokesman said while most common users would like to enjoy free online movies for iPad, enterprises are more willing to use iPad in their work and the majority of businesses and government users of Tablet PC are in the U.S. market, but the report also takes into the consideration of the global flat-panel computer to activate the amount account. Tablet PC devices from RIM is not included in the report.
The report points out that, for business users, the three models of the iPad is their first choice; be allowed to work comes with the Tablet PC users, the iPad also popular. Android Tablet PC, on the other hand, failed to get business users attached to degrees.

By sector, iPad users in the financial services sector, followed by business and professional services company, again in the life sciences sector.
The problem is that Android is difficult to break into the corporate market, business users to select Tablet PC product, Android device does not have pointed out that the market.
The market research computer, Gartner’s research vice president Leif-Olof Wallin pointed out the reason for Android hard to account for the enterprise users market is because these users choose the Tablet PC, Android doesn’t have the price advantage. She said: "The normal person would not spend the same money to buy not so high prestige equipment, they would prefer turn to look for free movie downloads for iPad. Apple still has the great advantage in this regard."
She also noted, iPad should customize more useful softwares for enterprise.
Good Technology pointed out that now, Apple dominate the tablet PC market, but based on the Microsoft Windows system first tablet computer should have a Tablet PC to activate digital impact.
In the first quarter, the iPad is still Apple’s the most popular Tablet, on the whole it is also the second most popular mobile devices (including cell phones and smartphones). The share of the third iPad generation grow rapidly among the business users, become the fourth most popular mobile devices. Don’t forget the fact the new iPad is launched at the end of the first quarter so you can download free movies to the new iPad here. iPhone 4S is the most popular of all mobile devices, and its popularity ahead of the iPad. All customers of Good Technology, the activation of the iPhone 4S reached 37%, setting a high record. iPhone 4 is the popularity of mobile devices.
From the whole mobile device, the share of the iOS device in the first quarter is 80% while the Android is 20%. Compared with the fourth quarter of last year, iOS share reached 71% and Android accounted for 29%.