Reservation.Is It Really Needed?
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Reservation.Is it really needed?

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P G Student in Bangalor University
Today she is growing as a big power out their in this small but majestic and beautiful globe of ours called Earth. Yes the dream of our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam of she standing tall and strong as a super power and the power house of economy and the giant of the service sector, leading ahead in the world of medical science, electronics and space research programmes. Yes her sons and daughters have the ability to make a difference and to leave a mark out their. Yes she is our great mother of all my INDIA.

What is wrong with or politicians, why r they throwing the hurdles in the way towards the development. The so called educateds r simply sleeping out their with out think about the real problems. Every body r running around, searching ways to make money and to get rich. Governments are providing facilities in the name of cast and religion mindlessly, which will really hamper the development of our country in time which we r expecting it to reach their.

I dont want to talk much about it, the reason is,every one of us know and many of us have faced the ediotic effects of the curse called RESERVATION.

Is their any solution for this problem? If yes whats that? That which is with in the so called the policy makers sight.

Its only through revolution we can find a soultion for this problem.Think about this people. Im not against any body. But their must be a limit for every thing including this reservation.when will our people come to know about it?