An Inconvenient Truth : Global Warming
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An Inconvenient truth : Global Warming

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“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know

It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so”

This is a very important quote as there is another such assumption in most of our mind about global warming is that, the earth is so big that we can pass through with no loss and less harm on earth easily. It was true once but not anymore, it is because of vulnerable part of earth ecological system is earth’s atmosphere. It’s vulnerable because it is so thin and more pre dominantly we are capable of changing basic composition that is the root cause of global warming.

As all we know sun’s radiation reaches earth, heats it up and some of the radiations is absorbed which warms the earth and rest re-radiated back to space by earth in the form of infrared waves. Some of outgoing radiation is trapped by earth’s atmosphere and warms it, it is good thing because it keeps the temperature of earth within certain limit, relatively constant and makes it livable. Now problem is this thin layer is thickened by global warming pollution like green house gases, CO2 leading to heating up of our atmosphere.

This CO2 pattern goes up and down naturally, but why so? We know about landmass of earth, most of vegetation is situated in northern part of earth that is above equator, so leaves will grow by absorbing CO2 and keeping it low, when season changes trees shed their leaves and exhales CO2 so again CO2 concentration increases, hence higher CO2 in earth atmosphere, so what happens if Our atmospheres contains high CO2? Why CO2 concentration increasing in our atmosphere. It all because of deforestation and high usage of fuels everywhere. Impact of this is seen these days, Mighty glaciers of have melted into water .ice of great glaciers like Kilimanjaro of Africa, grannel glacier, Columbia glacier of Alaska, glacier AX010 of Nepal, Adamello,Mandron glacier of Italy, Rhone glacier Switzerland, the list will go on.......

This all happened in the past 30 years, as of now we hardly find some glaciers. 15 hottest years on record ever measured have occurred in last 19years. 1990, 91, 95, 97, 98, 2001-2008 and hottest of all is 2009.

There is a drastic increase in temperature all over the world including oceans, when oceans get heated up it causes stronger storms like hurricanes, recently we experience many hurricanes, hurricane Ivan in Florida, new record for tornados witnessed by south America and for typhoons by Japan, list goes on with these hurricanes to name a few, Sudal, Dianmu, mindulle and tingelting, canson, Ma-on, songda, Emily Dennis, well known Katrina, and most Sunami in India. global warming not only causes hurricanes it leads to calamities like floods and drought. It increases precipitation at some places and simultaneously causes drought by shifting precipitation events. When Mumbai experienced 37 inches of rainfall in a day leading to flood at the same time most part of northern Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh were experiencing droughts.

Sea Ice has a story to tell us, when sun rays hits land ice mountains and floating ice on ocean, it reflects back , but when the rays hit ocean it will be absorbed by ocean leading to increase in ocean temperature and further it melts up the floating ice on oceans, this melting builds up heat at north poles, it certainly not good for creatures which are habitant of ocean and polar region, as a polar bear swims around 90 miles to find a floating ice and that to for small time. Million of ecological nature is affected by global warming.

Scientists unable to figure out the rate and have astonished by the rate of ice cap melting, there is a lot of difference between floating ice and land based ice, if floating ice melts it doesn’t increase the water level, but if land based ice melts it increases water level of oceans, pacific nations, Greenland ice can alone raise the water level of sea to 20 fleets if left out Greenland melts fully, or half of left out Greenland and quarter of Antarctica can drown the most part of Florida, sanfrancisco, Netherlands, Beijing, Shanghai, Calcutta and other coastal belts of India, Full Bangladesh, New York city will not have clue about its existence if it happens. Effects of global warming are very drastic, billions of people will loose there life, will loose the shelter; will loose everything, its unthinkable to create refugee camps for those people, as it go beyond counts.

It’s possible that we should prepare against other threats along with terrorists, may be we have to concern about these problems too.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”

“Humanity already posses the fundamental scientific, technical and industrial know-how to solve the carbon and climate problms……….”

We got to do lot of things to help our self, like more efficient use of end user electricity, other end use efficiency, passenger vehicles efficiency, and renewable technology, carbon capturing sequence and supply efficiency, if we do these efficiently we can go back to the carbon level of 1970’s

We have ability to do this, each one of us has contributed to global warming but each one of us can make change now,

We can make a lot of difference in tackling problem of Global warming. Here are few basic things that we can do

1. We can reduce our carbon emissions

2. Switch off your computers, lights while leaving for EOD.

3. Go for Car pooling, so that we can reduce energy consumption and efficient fuel consumption

4. Weatherise your house, increase insulations, get an energy audit recycle

5. If you can, walk or ride a bicycle if its not that necessary to use the cars

6. Switch to renewable sources of energy, like solar systems, solar water heater, solar power backup

7. Store rain water if you can

8. Change your thermostat (and use clock thermostats) to reduce energy for heating and cooling

9. Buy energy efficient appliances

10. Speak up about this in your community

11. Plant a tree, few trees, and lot trees.

Join our hands together to make a difference before it is too late.