Random Thoughts-6: "On Vaastu"
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Random Thoughts-6: "On Vaastu"

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After numerology, it is ‘Vaastu’ now. Again I picked up the idea during my morning walk. I have already written about this hospital in my blog. It was an ambitious project: a Medical College Hospital. Even after so many years, the college is nowhere in sight. As for the hospital, it started well and then decline set in. Now under the new management with a clear service motive, it is slowly – very slowly – picking up.

Obviously, the management should have been racking its brain: Why? Why? With very nominal fee (Rs.10 per month per person for any number of consultations!) and real care of the patients by a capable well-qualified physician, why does the hospital not flourish, especially when private hospitals are overcrowded and where the patients are being fleeced under some pretext or the other. Probably at this stage, somebody must have come up with the bright idea of ‘Vaastu’.

First the main entrance was closed and signs were put up there directing the patients to the newly-constructed entrance a little farther off. It did not stop there. After a few days, a granite wall was springing up completely blocking the old entrance. It was a pathetic and painful sight to me. When things start failing, human beings, even those with spiritual background, fall a prey to all sorts of advice and desperately try to clutch anything to hold on.

Will the change bring success and prosperity, sorry, more patients to the hospital? Though not necessarily a believer in ‘Vaastu’ , I pray that the hospital succeeds, for it is in the interests of the common people of the locality that such a hospital should not close.

May the Good Lord bless the hospital! May the management succeed in their attempt to revive the hospital!! May it serve the sick-poor and bring them health and happiness. And lastly, may Goddess Visalakshi turn her benign eyes on the place and a full-fledged hospital comes up there, fulfilling the dreams of the promoters of the project!
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