Rabbit & Tortoise Story & Its Moral
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Rabbit & Tortoise Story & its Moral

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In our Childhood we have listen Story of Rabbit & tortoise, shall I refresh it-


Once upon a time, there were a Rabbit and a Tortoise. They were good friend. They used to meet & play every day. The Rabbit was always boasted that he could run faster than tortoise. One day they have decided to have a race. They have chosen a Starting Point, Track, & Finishing Point. Obviously, the Rabbit was running fast and sooner he left the tortoise far behind.  The Tortoise was walking slowly and steady. When Rabbit observed that the distance among him & the tortoise is too much and even he can’t see tortoise, so he thought of taking rest for a while. He stopped under a tree, somehow went asleep. Meanwhile, the tortoise was walking  slowly & steady and reached to finishing point.  When the rabbit woke up he saw that the tortoise has already won the race…




Do you remember its moral as well?


Moral – Slow & Steady wins a race


Do you think that the story ends here?




The rabbit asked to race once again and another day they planned for the race. This time the Rabbit was cautious and he didn’t do the same mistake and obviously he won the Race.


Moral – Failure of One time is not failure of always, provided, one take the lesson and correct the mistakes



Do you think that the story ends here?




This time the tortoise asked that let us have race again. The proudy Rabbit was agreed. The tortoise also asked that this time, he will decide the Starting Point, Finishing Point & track. The rabbit simply said go ahead.


The tortoise thought and chosen a track, where they need to cross a river.

Both started the starting point. And Rabbit reached till bank of river, but stopped, because he can’t cross the river. The tortoise came walking steady and swam the river, as he can walk on plains and can swim in water. Thus the Tortoise has won the race.


Moral – one should analyze his strengths and change the playing field accordingly, so that he can get success


Do you think that the story ends here?




This time  both have discussed that they do have strengths & weaknesses differently. There is no point of fight among them. Let us work as team and overcome from individual’s weaknesses. So they decided that now onwards they will race with other animals and they will work as team. So on plain surface the Rabbit was carrying Tortoise on his back and running fastly, and in water, the tortoise used to carry the rabbit and swim. This way they could leave behind all animals.


Moral – Individuals can have strengths or weaknesses, but when you work as team by putting individuals strengths together and by overcoming others weaknesses, you will get succeeded always.


To sum up- the story of the Rabbit and tortoise has learnings:


Slow & Steady wins the race but correcting mistakes in a failure can lead to success next time. Work to your own strengths will help you in getting success and pooling resources and working as a team will always beat individual performers


So never give up when faced with failure, compete against the situation – not against a rival.


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